Foo Fighters Tease Three New Songs During Roxy Livestream

Saturday night, November 14, the Foo Fighters took the stage at The Roxy for a worldwide no-capacity livestream. Although the show was MOSTLY hits and singles, "Shame Shame" got its second performance ever AND they teased three new songs from their forthcoming album, Medicine at Midnight. Let's dig in.
The 12-song performance led with a tease of what's set to be their upcoming album's opening track, "Making a Fire" before rollicking into "All My Life." "The Pretender" and Concrete and Gold single "The Sky is a Neighborhood" came before "Times Like These," which they also performed a poignant rendition of as last week's Saturday Night Live musical guest.

The newest single, "Shame Shame" got another play, a week after its live debut on SNL.
The Foo's third most-performed track, "My Hero" got a hit mid-set, before festival staple, "These Days."
After FF classic "Learn To Fly" is when fans got a taste of M@M track, "Holding Poison." Likewise, after "This is a Call," they played a snippet of "No Son of Mine." That was the last we heard of the new material, but they did slot in "Make It Right," a Concrete and Gold track that has only been performed 18 times to date.
They wrapped up the 90-minute show with "Best of You" and their #1 most-performed song of all time, "Everlong." See the full setlist:
Foo Fighters setlist
If you need something else to look forward to (who doesn't?), Medicine at Midnight is slated for a February 2021 release. Kerrang! has some more info about it here.

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