Radiohead Play 20-Song Set on Jonny Greenwood's Birthday in 1995

Iconic musician, composer and Radiohead lead guitarist / keyboardist Jonny Greenwood turns 49-years-old today, November 5th. The prodigal British rocker joined Radiohead when he was just 14, first playing harmonica then graduating to guitar, keyboard, and arranging. Over the course of his career, he's also written a number of film scores.

To celebrate the legend that is Jonny Greenwood, we dug back into Radiohead's setlist, visiting The Bends era to find a setlist from Greenwood's birthday in 1995. On this day 25 years ago, the band stopped in Nottingham on The Bends UK Tour, performing a 20-song set gig at Rock City.

The setlist carried 11 songs off the sophomore album, including set opener "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" followed subsequently by Bends staples like "Bones," "High and Dry," "Just," "My Iron Lung," "Planet Telex," and main set ender "Fake Plastic Trees."

"My Iron Lung" performed in 1995

They also included a good amount of songs off their debut Pablo Honey like "Blow Out," "Creep," and rare gem "Prove Yourself," a song they retired from their touring sets that very year (1995).

Speaking of rare gems, in the middle of the set they played super deep cut "Man Of War," which at the time was called "Big Boots." This song has only been played around 18 times by Radiohead, mostly on that tour but once and for all in 2002. The song is an Ok Computer B-Side.

While Ok Computer was still two years away from being released at the time, that didn't stop the trailblazing rockers from previewing a couple songs off the LP during their four-song encore - "Subterranean Homesick Alien" and "Lucky." The encore and concert finale landed on "The Bends." They closed out the encore with this song around 15 times during the tour.

Check out the full setlist here:


As an extra bonus, you can listen to the audio of this entire concert right here:

Happy Birthday Jonny and thank you for gifting the world with some of the most addicting guitar solos.

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