YUNGBLUD Live Debuts 3 New Songs at Virtual Tour Kickoff

YUNGBLUD is fresh off releasing his sophomore albumWeird! Since tours are out of the question, the 23-year-old alt-rock musician decided to promo his album a little differently - with a virtual tour!
The Weird Time Of Life Tour takes place between November 16 and December 7 for a total of 16 shows, and although YUNGBLUD will be performing the shows in his private studio in London, the tour will still "visit" a number of cities. Fans from anywhere in the world can purchase tickets for any of the shows, which ARE given a capacity limit.
“I wanted to do a show for as many cities as I could, playing songs off my new album for the first time. This album helped me so much and I wanted to bring it to the fans with all the energy, all the passion, all the love and all the fucking rage that went into it. Just because we can’t touch each other, doesn’t mean we can’t feel each other. I’ll see you in your city.” - YUNGBLUD
Last night marked the kickoff "in" Glasgow, where fans were treated to a 9-song setlist featuring songs off Weird!, including three live debuts! As promised, the show offered “a unique localized experience with full-scale production” by production company Moment House.
The show opened with "Strawberry Lipstick," which first got it's live debut back in July for virtual Lolla2020. YUNGBLUD performed two singles not on the album, including "Loner" and "Parents" mid-set. The live debuts came at the end, starting with "mars" then wrapping up the set with "it's quiet in beverly hills" and "teresa."
Check out the full setlist here:
Catch YUNGBLUD's virtual tour dates below!
November 16 – London 17 – Glasgow 18 – Manchester 19 – Dublin 20 – Paris 21 – Berlin 22 – Munich 23 – Amsterdam 30 – New York
December 1 – Boston 2 – Toronto 3 – Chicago 4 – Atlanta 5 – Seattle 6 – Los Angeles 7 – Sydney
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