Bob Dylan Kicks Off Fall Tour with 8 Live Debuts

While the pandemic brought us a virtual livestream from Bob Dylan, his last live show took place on December 8, 2019 at The Anthem in D.C. with a 19-song setlist.

Dylan returned to the stage on November 2 at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he performed lots of material released during the pandemic, including music from Rough And Rowdy Ways, in which he live debuted 8 new songs that evening.

The only other era he played multiple songs from was Tempest, performing "Early Roman Kings" and "Soon After Midnight." Dylan only played one song from all other eras featured in the setlist, toss in a cover of Frank Sinatra's "Melancholy Mood" to round out the 18-song setlist and you've got one heck of a return to the stage.

Check out the full setlist below.

Bob Dylan - November 2, 2021 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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