2022 in Review: Zac Barnett of American Authors

It's beginning to look a lot like... 2022 coming to a close, and boy are we happy live concerts came back this year. It's been a minute, but since so many bands resumed touring, we've been eager to ask for a bit of reflection. American Authors got back to it this year by supporting Philip Phillips and working on their upcoming 4th album.

In our very first EO2022 interview, American Authors frontman Zac Barnett tells us his favorite shows of the year - both as a performer and a fan - and what he's looking forward to in 2023. Read his replies, then treat yourself to AA's new original holiday track, "Christmas Karaoke" AND their music video for their newest single, "Blind for Love."

Setlist.fm: What was your favorite show that YOU played this year? Tell us about it.

Zac: Cats Cradle in Carrboro North Carolina. It's a pretty classic rock club in a very cool smaller town but every time we play there the energy is always next level insane. The people that come out to that venue are true music lovers looking to have a great time and there’s definitely a great energy that is shared there.

Setlist.fm: What was your favorite show that you SAW this year?

Zac: Thundercat was awesome. I saw him at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas & the musicianship is just mind blowing. On a different side I’m a huge k pop fan and I got to see my favorite group, Stray Kids, at the Forum in LA. The show was three and a half hours of dancing production and amazing music. They really put other pop acts to shame.

Setlist.fm: Can you share a favorite touring memory from this year?

Zac: I got to perform with Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas in Central Park to 10,000 people which was very special. We not only performed our original song "Move" that we collaborated on but I also snuck my way into singing harmonies for "Smooth" which was a dream come true.

[Editors note: This show was actually 2021, but since the pandemic warped time, we're leaving it here]

Setlist.fm: What do you have planned for 2023?

Zac: American Authors' 4th album is coming out and we couldn’t be more excited for you to hear it. Full US tour throughout February and March and I’m newly engaged so possibly a wedding? As of now our schedule is getting pretty hectic so hopefully we can fit that in this year!


Watch the music video for American Author's newest single, "Blind for Love" off their upcoming 4th album:

Ready to fast forward to Holiday tunes? They got you with "Christmas Karaoke" and "Sleigh Ride"

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