Setlist History: Pearl Jam Debuts "Daughter" Live During Benefit

On this day (11/1) in 1992, Pearl Jam live debuted "Daughter" at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit.

The song wouldn't be released for nearly a year, appearing on the band's sophomore smash, Vs., where it became their first #1 single as well as their first Grammy nomination.

The Bridge School Benefit was an acoustic concert created by Young and his former wife Pegi. For 30 years starting in 1986 it was held in the fall at the Shoreline Amphitheater near San Francisco.

Pearl Jam appeared nine different times. Their first Bridge School performance was that '92 show as they were one of the grunge-era darlings thanks to their debut album, Ten, which had been out a tad over a year at that point.

To their credit, the Seattle group only played three songs from Ten that brisk autumn evening in Mountain View, choosing to cover E. Street Band member Little Steven's "I Am A Patriot" along with two tracks that would come out as a B-side ("Footsteps") and a fanclub single ("Angel").

"Daughter" would be performed one more time by the band in 1992, on New Year's Eve at The Academy Theater in New York City. There, singer Eddie Vedder would introduce the tune as "Brother" and alter the lyrics to "don't call me brother..." That recording can be heard in the bootleg Live in NYC.

Eventually the group would write a totally different song called "Brother," which bears no relation to "Daughter."

Vedder likes to intersperse elements of other songs occasionally near the end of "Daughter." In a recent show he blended a Pink Floyd song into it, and in September he worked in Wet Leg's "Chaise Lounge" to the staple.

Pearl Jam has performed "Daughter" 550 times, making it its 7th most-played tune. "Even Flow" has been rocked out in front of fans an even 900 times to date.

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