Ed Sheeran Joined 50 Cent Fans in London in Surprise Appearance

Ed Sheeran sure loves popping up in places.

Last week the adorable singer/songwriter was waiting inside a giant box on 50 Cent's stage. On the outside were written the words "There's A Monster in the Box."

Ten years ago, Fiddy's pal Eminem had an album named Monster, a song with Rihanna called "Monster" and a co-headlining tour with her called The Monster Tour.

The last thing fans at London's O2 Arena on November 21st thought would pop out of that box was the scruffy ginger with the sweet songs, in part because Slim Shady jumped on stage with Ed this summer to the delight of the good people of Detroit.

But when the box was raised, there he was, Ed Sheeran singing his, uh, monster hit "Shape of You" with Fiddy adding some delightful "uh"s on the beat.

After the show was over, 50 took to Instagram to share some pics of he and the pop singer beaming and laughing.

In a world where Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, and Beyoncé walk among us, Mr. Cent wrote about Mr. Sheeran, "It don’t get bigger than this."

You may recall Sheeran also made a surprise appearance in NYC to jam with harmonica great Frédéric Yonnet at the Blue Note in July.

The Blue Note sits about 200 people. The O2 holds 100x that.

50 is on tour across the sea celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut LP, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which, if you remember, was the first smash on Eminem's label Shady Records.

That album gave us the bangers "Many Men," "P.I.M.P.," and everyone's favorite birthday song "In Da Club."

Are you going to be the one who tells 50 he can't do a 25-song set followed by a 13-song encore?

That album's shocking success led to the 2005 film Get Rich or Die Tryin' which showed audience's Curtis Jackson's transformation into 50 Cent.

Much like Em's 8 Mile, this film delivered the gritty origin story of the tough rapper and how he turned his back on drug dealing to become a hip hop superstar who would one day make bank by selling Vitamin water to Coca-Cola for $4 billion.

That business venture is immortalized in "Make Money" which Fiddy performed as the third song in London on his 38(!) song set.

"I took quarter water sold it in bottles for two bucks/ Coca-Cola came and bought it for billions, what the f--k?"

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Busta Rhymes sure loved 50 at the 02.

Dubbed The Final Lap Tour, the beefy rapper makes a stop tonight to deliver some cultural learnings of America in the glorious nation of Kazakhstan before he jets down to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Who will be revealed in that box next? Get your tickets on 50's webpage and find out.

Ed is supposed to be taking the rest of 2023 off. In January he heads to the Middle East. Get tix on his site.

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