Setlist History: Jeff Lynne's ELO's First US Gig in 30 years

Jeff Lynne's ELO, which, let's face it, is the Electric Light Orchestra, played the cozy Irving Plaza in NYC on Nov. 20, 2015.

It had been nearly 30 years since the US got a proper show of Lynne banging out the perfect harmonies, and classic pop tunes that quickly became radio staples in the 1970s and sold 50 million records.

Not only did Lynne come equipped with three guitarists, three keyboardists, two cellists, and a violinist, along with a bassist and drummer... but he also ventured across the pond with a brand new collection of songs for an album he dropped days before the gig called Alone In The Universe.

With all those musicians on stage he's alone?

"Strange Magic" at Irving Plaza in 2015

Lynne didn't want three decades to pass between the last time he brought such hits like "All Over The World" and "Evil Woman" back to the USA but a lot went down since the '80s.

In '89 ELO drummer Bev Bevan split and formed ELO Part II with some others. After a decade, Bevan quit that band and sold his share of the ELO name to Lynne while the remains of Part II renamed themselves as The Orchestra.

Jeff Lynne's ELO getting the legends on their feet at the 2015 Grammys

Lynne wanted to tour in 2001, but when initial ticket sales flopped he squashed the plan and went back to writing tunes and producing fellow Willburries like George Harrison and Tom Petty.

In 2013 and 2014 Lynne found himself back in the good graces of the populace who were rediscovering ELO and in early 2015 Jeff Lynne's ELO rocked the Grammys and had Sir Paul and Beyonce grooving to Mr. Blue Sky. That gave him the confidence he needed to put out his new album and tour.

New York City's 1,000 capacity Irving Plaza was the lucky recipient of an ELO greatest hits plus new Lynne compositions performed perfectly, almost to a fault. Some in attendance were in awe at how much it sounded like the cd and how Lynne looked exactly as he always had.

Strange magic, indeed.

A few days later, Lynne's ELO traveled across the country to LA and made a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live and then another club date a few days later at the even-smaller Henry Fonda Music Box in Hollywood.

As you can hear, every song was played to perfection.

Lynne waited until April of the next year to do a proper European and North American Tour which was modest - especially compared to the early days of ELO where they doled out a new album every year and toured as soon as it was released.

Jeff Lynne is now 75 years old. Is he still rocking? Oh yes.

Earlier this month he brought his ELO lineup to Chula Vista, CA for a benefit hosted by Joe Walsh for military veterans.

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Jeff Lynne's ELO on November 12, 2023 in Chula Vista

Jeff Lynne's ELO played a full set including "Do Ya" which was not in that Irving Plaza set.

Currently there are no dates for Lynne or his ELO ensemble. Keep his website bookmarked for breaking news.

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