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Best of ‘How Do You Build A Setlist?’ with Emily Haines, Anti-Flag + More

We had the pleasure and privilege of meeting so many amazing artists this year. With 2017 coming to a close, we looked back on some of our favorite segments—from Emily Haines to Pixies to Anti-Flag, and others. Since we are Setlist.fm, one question we always ask the interviewee is how they build a setlist for their live shows. Check out their responses in the video below!
The Best of Building a Setlist in 2017
If you want more insight on the artists you just watched, here’s what you need to know.
Emily Haines
Emily Haines, the frontwoman of Metric and key member of Broken Social Scene has had a busy year. She contributed vocals on a few tracks with fellow Canadians, Broken Social Scene, on their latest album, Hug of Thunder. In September, the songstress released her sophomore album, Choir of the Mind, her first solo record in eleven years. Performing under the moniker, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, her ambitious 13-track endeavor is heavily piano-driven, which expands her solo palette to the fullest. While deliberately and evenly paced, Choir of the Mind is a cohesive collection of songs that prospers from start to finish. Minimalistic yet powerfully thought provoking, Haines finds beauty and elegance through themes of female empowerment on her latest work. The skillful dynamics and deep intimacy of Choir of the Mind is worth embracing for both the intricate questions and answers it reveals.
Tour Update: Emily Haines
A Pixies live show can be a lot of things – loud, wild, spiritually transcendent – but never, ever boring. That is by design, not just in the band’s well-honed skill level and impressively enduring energy, but in the planning, or rather, not planning, of the nightly set list. Pixies, who are currently in the midst of a long world tour, don’t make setlists at all. During every show, they tap into 30 years of music (their first EP Come On Pilgrim came out in 1987), playing songs pulled from six albums and five EPs. Each night the show is free form and impromptu, informed mostly, in fact, by the vibe of the audience. - written by Yasi Salek
Tour Update: Pixies
In June 2017, Rolling Stone hailed MAGIC GIANT one of the “10 New Artists You Need to Know.” The Los Angeles-based trio stitches the seams of alternative, pop, and folk-rock on their debut album, In The Wind. With an extensive lineup of instrumentals at their disposal including orchestral drums, banjo, harmonica, synths, strings, and horns, the buzz band produce euphoric live shows bestowing boundless energy to their crowds. Performing in such a populous arena as indie-folk, MAGIC GIANT captures the spirit of the genre while contributing fresh sounds in the process.
Tour Update: MAGIC GIANT
New Zealand indie duo BROODS is composed of vocalist Georgia Nott and older brother and multi-instrumentalist, Caleb Nott, on production and backing vocals. The siblings were definitely on the rise this past year. They got to head out on their own headlining tour after previously being supporting players to Sam Smith and HAIM. The pair have released two albums--2014’s Evergreen and 2016’s Conscious, both landing the number one spot on New Zealand’s Top Album Charts. The electro-pop duo played a number of US festivals this year including, Austin City Limits, Lost Lake Festival, CRSSD Festival, Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful, The Meadows Music & Arts Festival, Seattle’s Bumbershoot, and Coachella. With booming synths, catchy pop-hooks, and unafraid of getting intimate on their songs, BROODS go for high-stakes electro-pop and the payoff has been huge.
Tour Update: BROODS
DJ duo Krewella, made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, just released their fourth and latest EP New World Pt. 1 in June. New World Pt. 1 is the group’s first release this year since their 2016 EP Ammunition, and it finds the pair exploring new sounds. Before the start of their New World tour this past September, we caught up with Krewella to talk about their music and what it’s like to play new songs live, fitness concerts, and their band bucket list, amongst other things. - written by Alana Myers
Tour Update: Krewella
Nashville alt-pop four-piece, COIN, is known for supplying their audiences with performances that are full of zest. The combination of buoyant vocals of frontman Chase Lawrence and the group’s energetic synths are an absolute delight to hear when they all come together. COIN released How Will You Know If You Never Try back in April, their follow-up to their 2015 self-titled debut. These guys are wizards when putting together vivacious sets, bursting with so much enthusiasm that it can easily fill up an entire venue. Just ask anyone who’s seen them play live. In the meantime, check out their infectious single, “Talk To Much,” and their Tour Update interview below.
Tour Update: COIN
NYC’s AJR is an indie-pop group composed of multi-instrumentalist siblings Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. Developing a soundscape with elements of electro-pop, dubstep, and straightforward pop, the triad found commercial success with their 2017 sophomore release, The Click. What’s even more awesome about their achievements is that the tight-knit brothers wrote and recorded everything together in their Chelsea apartment living room. The DIY bros released The Click this past summer, which includes thirteen poptastic songs and features the breakout single, “Weak.” Despite their triumphs and accolades, AJR still fondly recalls their humble beginnings spent street performing at New York City's Washington Square Park over a decade ago.
Tour Update: AJR
Troubling public affairs and chaotic world events have continually fueled Anti-Flag’s music throughout the past two decades. With their tenth studio album, American Fall, due out on Friday, the Pittsburgh punks are putting out a record encouraging solidarity through vehement songs confronting the social issues growing in today’s society. Since 1996’s debut, Die for the Government, Anti-Flag’s conscious efforts to oppose war, tackle class struggle, and stimulate human equality have been a staple over the course of their career. The titans of the punk rock scene have no signs of slowing down as their new album takes all their built up frustration and lets it explode on eleven tracks begging to become a new American anthem for those who share the same distress.
Tour Update: Anti-Flag
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