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Have you ever left a concert and thought to yourself, “Man, that was an awesome show?” In our Tour Update series, we got to chat with so many talented musicians and one of our staple questions was, “What has to happen for you to feel like you played a great show?” These performers do some self-reflecting every single night. Check out some of our favorite answers by the selected artists below.
The Best Live Shows of 2017
If you want more insight on the artists you just watched, here’s what you need to know.
A Pixies live show can be a lot of things – loud, wild, spiritually transcendent – but never, ever boring. That is by design, not just in the band’s well-honed skill level and impressively enduring energy, but in the planning, or rather, not planning, of the nightly setlist. You see the Pixies, who are currently in the midst of a long world tour, don’t make setlists at all. During every show, they tap into 30 years of music (their first EP Come On Pilgrim came out in 1987), playing songs pulled from six albums and five EPs. Each night the show is free form and impromptu, informed mostly, in fact, by the vibe of the audience. - written by Yasi Salek
Tour Update: Pixies
DJ duo Krewella, made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, just released their fourth and latest EP New World Pt. 1 in June. New World Pt. 1 is the group’s first release this year since their 2016 EP Ammunition, and it finds the pair exploring new sounds. Before the start of their New World tour this past September, we caught up with Krewella to talk about their music and what it’s like to play new songs live, fitness concerts, and their band bucket list, amongst other things. - written by Alana Myers
Tour Update: Krewella
Broken Social Scene
In July, the supergroup Broken Social Scene released their sixth studio record, Hug of Thunder, a first in seven years. The group features Kevin Drew, Feist, members of Metric and Stars, and up to 17 all-inclusive members. Their soundscape is widespread, ranging from hypotonic instrumental tracks in the beginning of their career to full-fledge arena ready indie jams. With the balance of multiple female vocals in addition to Drew’s soothing voice, the collection of songs never feels quite similar. Amidst an invigorating sound plus the usual stimulating lyrics, devotees with newcomers alike should respond with embrace and deep marvel while hearing Broken Social Scene’s latest offerings.
Tour Update: Broken Social Scene
Atlanta, Georgia born and raised rapper J.I.D supported hip-hop star J.Cole throughout his tour this past summer. J.I.D, whose real name is Destin Route, dropped his debut LP, The Never Story back in March. With crafty lyrics and crisp beats over the course of twelve tracks, J.I.D validated all the hype surrounding him after signing to J.Cole’s label, Dreamville Record a few years ago. When J.I.D stopped by the studio, we caught up with the skilled lyricist before he hit the road again. He revealed that his talent with words was rooted in his childhood, and that he excelled in certain subjects in school.
Tour Update: J.I.D.
Nashville alt-pop four-piece, COIN, is known for supplying their audiences with performances that are full of allure and zest. The combination of buoyant vocals of frontman Chase Lawrence and the group’s energetic synths are an absolute delight to hear when they all come together. COIN released How Will You Know If You Never Try back in April, their follow-up to their 2015 self-titled debut. These guys are wizards when putting together vivacious sets, bursting with so much enthusiasm that it can easily fill up an entire venue. Just ask anyone who’s seen them play live. In the meantime, check out their infectious single, “Talk To Much,” and their Tour Update interview below.
Tour Update: COIN
Betty Who
Betty Who, is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician based here in Los Angeles. In 2013, the Australian popstress had her song “Somebody Love You” go viral in a fan-created marriage proposal video. Ms. Who released her infectious synth-pop album, The Valley, this past March. It was the follow-up to her 2014 debut, Take Me When You Go. Her latest effort is a glistening pop-paradise that swims through 80s synths and catchy lyrics. Check out her full Tour Update below where she describes drawing out her inner Beyoncé when performing.
Tour Update: Betty Who
For the members of MisterWives, they’re not concerned about what stands in front of them, but who’s standing beside them. The tight-knit six-piece act may have felt the pressure of following up their 2015 debut album, Our Own House, but they’re evolving with the unyielding support of one another. As they say in their track, “Chasing This,” We've been chasing this, all of our years, yet the chase is far from over for the New York City natives. Their latest album, 2017’s Connect The Dots, is a soaring pop composition charged by political and socially aware lyricism. As MisterWives ‘let the light in,’ they also shed their own, through intricate stories and hook-laden pop jams.
Tour Update: MisterWives
Electro-pop trio SHAED hail from Washington, D.C.'s burgeoning music scene. In 2016, they shared their debut EP, Just Wanna See, and went on to support Marian Hill and VERITE. Later on, they played with Charlie XCX at 2016’s Red Bull Sound Select in LA. This past spring, the triad toured with fellow rising star, Bishop Briggs. SHAED is gaining indie recognition they deserve with the soulful vocal offerings from frontwoman, Chelsea Lee, and the slick productions from her bandmates, twin brothers, Max and Spencer Ernst. With a pair of singles released this year, “Lonesome” and “Too Much,” look for SHAED keep up the momentum heading into 2018 when they release their debut LP.
Tour Update: SHAED
With song titles like “Onions Make The Milk Taste Bad,” it’s not a huge surprise that the Melvins aren’t quite a household name. But the weirdo rockers are responsible for influencing a ton of alt rock’s most well known bands, including Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tool, and many, many more. The band, who toured this year in support of their latest release, A Walk With Love & Death, have been consistently making their unique brand of punk, metal, and noise music, and touring, since they formed in 1983. - written by Yasi Salek
Tour Update: Melvins
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