Best Xmas Covers with The Killers, No Doubt + More

Last week we thought it would be fun to point out some of our favorite original Christmas tunes. After all, these artists the took time to inject the spirit of old St. Nick into three and a half minute jingles. Original Xmas songs are definitely a guilty pleasure and what’s even guiltier than that? CHRISTMAS COVERS. Yep, the artists below decided to reimagine someone else’s work and make it distinctly their own. So, why not give them a chance Nothing says Christmas more than receiving a gift you got years ago that’s now being repackaged as new. It’s the thought that counts, right?
My Chemical Romance – “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Mariah Carey cover)
Okay, yes, we included the original song by Mariah Carey on our other list, but we kind of felt like rocking out this Christmas. So we looked no further than to mid-2000s emo poster boys, My Chemical Romance, to give us exactly what we wanted back with their 2004 cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Sure, MCR is more of Halloween-type band, but they did a pretty excellent job getting into the holiday spirit here. Their rendition of the winter classic was even featured on KROQ’ Kevin & Bean: Christmastime in the 909 that same year. At this point, all we want for Christmas is for the mascara-wearing men to reunite one last time for next year’s final Warped Tour.
My Chemical Romance - "All I Want For Christmas Is You"
No Doubt – “Oi To The World" (The Vandals cover)
We could have sworn this one from No Doubt was an original tune, but turns out it was a cover. With all due respect to The Vandals, No Doubt turned it into their very own ska-punk-holiday gem twenty years ago. They recorded their take of the relatively unknown song in 1997 (a year after its original release) for A Very Special Christmas 3, a series of compilation albums benefiting the Special Olympics. Their cover was produced by The Vandal’s own Warren Fitzgerald, so surely the band had their blessing. Gwen and her boys performed it nearly two dozen times on the Tragic Kingdom tour and beyond. We haven’t seen No Doubt play together since September 2015 and frankly, these past two Christmases haven’t been the same. Can we open our hearts to Gwen Stefani's new solo Christmas album? Time will tell.
No Doubt - "Oi To The World"
The Killers - "I’ll Be Home for Christmas" (Bing Crosby cover)
The Killers are no strangers to Christmas songs. In 2016 they released an album called Don’t Waste Your Wishes, consisting of both original Xmas tunes and covers. They’ve even played “A Great Big Sled” at a few of their shows near Christmas time. Off their Xmas album, they produced a half-original/half-cover of Bing Crosby’s 1943 holiday classic, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” The hybrid-like track recalls frontman Brandon Flowers’ formative years and learning the meaning of the classic Yuletide standard from his fourth grade teacher Mr. Hansen—who also accompanies him on the song. The tune is more of a bedtime story than something you’d actually rock out to like our previous picks. However, we owed it to a band, which released their very own holiday album, to be mentioned here. Plus, who wouldn’t want story time with Brandon Flowers?
The Killers - "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
U2 - "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" (Darlene Love cover)
Apparently, Christmas is a huge thing in Ireland. So it makes sense for your favorite Irish band to do a Christmas cover, right? I mean, they’re probably more popular than old St. Nick himself in their home country. Even if U2 isn’t your cup of tea, you have to admit, they did a stellar rendition of Darlene Love’s 1963 holiday classic, "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” We could have included Mariah Carey here, seeing how she covered this song in 1994 with much commercial successful. But hey, she already got her moment in the spotlight with “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” U2 recorded their cover in July 1987 during The Joshua Tree tour and played it again at least one more time in December of that year. Darlene Love provided backing vocals too. The song was released on the A Very Special Christmas compilation in 1987, and then later as a part of The Complete U2 digital box set in 2004.
U2 - "Christmas, Baby Please Come Home"
She & Him - "Little Saint Nick" (The Beach Boys cover)
Who could resist the adorable Zooey Deschanel, even if her name has one too many Os? The singer/actress teamed up with indie rocker M. Ward for a few albums under the name She & Him. The duo released their first (yes, first) Christmas covers album in 2011 with A Very She & Him Christmas. They later released another one called Christmas Party in 2016. On the former record, the two did a cover of 1964’s “Little Saint Nick” by the one and only The Beach Boys. It’s a joyful cover that’s almost too cute to put into words. It’s the right kind of song to queue up when with loved ones. At any rate, it’s a Christmas winner!
She & Him - "Little Saint Nick"
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