Set+Reflect: Andy Grammer's Best of 2017

Pop singer-songwriter, Andy Grammer, revealed to the world his ‘good parts’ earlier this month. The “Honey, I’m Good” artist released his new album, The Good Parts on December 1, a follow-up to his sophomore effort, 2014’s Magazines or Novels. Grammer was so excited about his latest record that had to narrow down his 100+ written songs to a solid thirteen. Looks like the prolific songwriter could already have his next few albums prepped. For a guy with five Billboard 100 hits, his third record is his boldest body of work to date. The Good Parts has it all in terms of relatable topics, from the relationship with his wife, to the alarms of aging (he’s only 34 years young), and to the simple ideas of not taking anything for granted. Grammer dug deep by placing all his chips in with his new endeavor, and the results are gangbusters.
Andy Grammer - "Fresh Eyes"
His single, “Fresh Eyes,” a streaming phenomenon with over 300 million streams (244 mil+ on Spotify alone), would even make Adam Levine swoon. With notable, unselfish lyrics alongside a charming, subtle beat that runs parallel to Maroon 5’s latest offerings, Grammer has his own original swag to flaunt. His other single, “Smoke Clears,” has lyrics such as, When the smoke clears/I will be right here, and with how things are looking, Andy Grammer isn’t going anywhere, unless you consider on the up and up.
We recently asked Andy what his favorite shows of 2017 were--both in terms of his own live performance, as well as one he just attended. Here’s what the LA pop-rock singer said:
“Summerfest was a pretty special show this year. I had played there about 7 years ago in the corner of the festival on a little stage that almost didn’t count as playing it. So to headline one of the main stages was incredible. Brought full band horns the whole shebang and the crowd was insane. So good.”
“Favorite show I saw this year by far was Coldplay. They absolutely smashed The Rose Bowl. I have a been a huge Coldplay fan forever now but hadn’t seen them live. Since performing is my job I can be a notoriously bad fan, more studying then just letting go and giving into the moment. That night with Coldplay I was scream singing like a child.”
Coldplay's setlist by
Andy Grammer will be heading out on the road to support The Good Parts beginning on March 14 at The Fillmore in San Francisco. He’ll play to an already sold-out Los Angeles crowd the following day at The Belasco Theatre. His headlining trek will conclude on April 15 at The TLA in Philadelphia. The Good Parts is available now via S-Curve Records.
For more tour dates and to see Andy Grammer perform, visit Live Nation.
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