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One of the freshest sounds to be unleashed this year came from Israeli indie-pop band, Lola Marsh. While no one in the band is named Lola, the group comes from the minds of singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau. First making waves a few years back with their performance at Primavera Sound, the Tel Aviv members released their first EP, You’re Mine back in 2016. Capitalizing on success and momentum, the duo shared their debut LP, Remember Roses, this past June. With their debut, Gil blends his penchant for electro-pop and indie-folk sounds with Yael’s breezy yet engaging vocals.

Lola Marsh - "Wishing Girl" (Fnac Live 2016)

Yael’s voice is akin to Lana Del Rey, which is apparent on the track, “She’s A Rainbow.” Gil’s musical arrangements are gentle and smooth, while evoking great warmth and enchantment. Lola Marsh’s emotive lyrics and folky influences align with the likes of vintage Bon Iver and female-duo First Aid Kit, which ultimately prove to be a persuasive combination. Through tales of romanticism, the pair express both grace and honesty with their wistful songwriting abilities. Lola Marsh isn’t an imitator of their earlier influencers as the band’s evolved sonic palette delivers fresh exuberance into the indie-folk genre that’s equally stylish, potent, and charming.

We recently asked Lola Marsh what their favorite shows of 2017 were--both in terms of their own live performance, as well as one they just attended. They also shared what they look forward to in 2018. Here’s what the Israeli indie-pop pair said:

“We just finished a long European and Turkey tour - 24 shows in one month! It was an amazing intense experience, we saw so many beautiful cities, met interesting people and the crowd was so loving. It's hard to choose only one favorite show, cause we had so many great shows, but if we must, one of the best shows on this tour was in Ankara, Turkey. It was our first show in this city, and we didn't know what to expect. The minute we went on stage, the crowd was absolutely incredible, they knew all the lyrics by heart, sang them out loud and gave us so much love and energy during the show.”

Lola Marsh's setlist by

“Sufjan Stevens in Paris. We love this artist, his beautiful melodies, voice, the arrangements and most touching lyrics and songs. This show was at a beautiful Parisian theater, the lights on stage were magnificent, and most of the songs were from his best album (in our opinion)—Carry and Lowell. We both were totally inspired during this concert, felt so happy and yet so sad. It was a perfect experience.”

Sufjan Steven's setlist by

As far as what they have in store for next year:

“We've had the pleasure of filming a live session at Capitol studios. We'll be sharing some cool videos early next year.

We are thrilled to return to Europe in February. We truly feel a connection with our audience and it's like coming back to visit your family.

Coming back to the US for a third time truly feels like a dream to us. We're going to explore a bit more of the US in March. Lots of new places, festivals, and we're looking forward to play in the famous SXSW festival in Austin."

Beginning March 6 at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade NYC, the band will make their return to the states for a number of gigs. On March 22, fans in Los Angeles will have a chance to see Lola Marsh perform at the Resident. The South By Southwest Festival begins on March 9 and runs through March 18. Lola Marsh’s day, time, and venue for the event has not been announced. For more info on Lola Marsh, visit their official site.

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