Tour Update: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Colorado blues rockers, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, have astounded crowds for almost thirty years now. With their eleventh studio album, New World Arisin’, the band shows they have more to accomplish despite all their travels that have taken them along to the highest of peaks throughout their career. In fact, it was all the way back in 1993 when Big Head Todd and the Monsters struck gold with their omnipresent single, “Bittersweet.” While looking back at the past may be all right for some people, Todd along with his monsters, are looking straight ahead after just releasing the most audacious, unabashed rock record of their ongoing adventure together. On top of that, they’re exploring all different kinds of sounds from funky R&B vibes to jangly rock undertones to their signature bluesy-rock tendencies. After three decades, they’re proof that just because one gets older, doesn’t mean one can’t become bolder in the process.
Big Head Todd and The Monsters - "New World Arisin'"
Fresh off the release of New World Arisin', lead singer Todd Park Mohr chatted with us days before their Troubadour gig about how the band saved a rained out show, and what happens when they welcome guest performers to the stage. Here’s what he had to say:
“My favorite show, it might have been in Philadelphia, or Pennsylvania somewhere. It had gotten rained out. There was suppose to be a huge concert, there was a massive stage. The rain was just awful and only a couple hundred people were still there. And they were really late in canceling the show. So Jeremy, our keyboardist, had a great idea, which was have all the audience members come up on the stage. And we’ll set up chairs for them and we’ll play to them on the stage. So there were a couple hundred people and they all came on stage. Everybody was wet but we were all dry underneath the tent of the stage. It was an incredible experience.”
Tour Update: Big Head Todd and the Monsters
On the topic of what’s been the happiest accident that’s ever happened on stage for the band, Todd told us, “Our world is when another performer comes to play with us, and they get to be boss of the band for their song. That means that we have to listen to them and follow along with them and a lot of times, who knows what’s going to happen? We especially had some incredible blues artists that we been able to have with us, so we have a lot of great accidents so to speak.”
Tomorrow night, Big Head Todd and the Monsters will play in their home state of Colorado at Fort Collins’ Aggie Theatre. With only three shows left for the year, the band will start up again with a slew of gigs beginning January 11 in Omaha, Nebraska at the Slowdown before wrapping up on February 3 at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia.
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