2018 in Review: lovelytheband

It wasn't that long ago when we introduced lovelytheband with a "Who Is" piece. But the truth is, the Los Angeles band, which only formed two years ago, are already on everyone's radar.
After breaking the radio with their hit single "broken," the three-piece shook the world this year by completing a comprehensive festival-cycle that introduced them to tens of thousands of new fans. They also wrapped up their first headlining tour back in October.
We caught up with lovelytheband and asked them about their year on the road, and about what's to come. Check it out!
lovelytheband – By Wolfy
What was your favorite show that YOU played this year?
"Our favorite show of the year was probably our set at Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta. We had never played Atlanta before so we didn’t know what to expect. It was our first time playing a main stage spot at a festival, so we were excited but also nervous because we had never played the city before.
"I remember talking with the guys and being like “I hope people show up.” We walked out on stage to a sea of close to 15,000 people. It was mental. Biggest show we’ve done to date. It was such an amazing feeling." 
What was your favorite show that you SAW this year?
"Definitely Odeza’s set at Coachella. The production was absolutely next level. I still find myself talking about it."
What do you have planned for 2019?
"For 2019 we have more touring and festivals planned and we hope to hop back over to the UK to headline at some point. 2019 is starting to shape up to be really fun."
lovelytheband – By Jesse Deflorio
They still have a few gigs left before the year is over, ending on a perfect note with a show in Honolulu, Hawaii. They'll pick things right back up on January 10th in Washington, D.C> To peep tour dates and to keep up with lovelytheband, visit their website!
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