King Crimson's 2018 Uncertain Times Tour Insider

King Crimson are currently on the road, bringing their relentlessly diverse 50-year long catalog to theaters all over Japan, and then later back to England for a 3 night stand at the Royal Albert Hall.  All of this comes in support of the aptly titled "The Uncertain Times" tour and Live LP.  
The seminal prog outfit lead by Robert Fripp, have deconstructed and re-defined progressive rock since their inception in 1968.  From the early, pounding fuzz and horn signatures of "In the Court of the Crimson King" to the surgical experimentation of "Larcs Tongues in Aspic," then beyond to the stripped down proto-metal "Red."  After a decade long hiatus - (In which Fripp made some of the most beautiful solo guitar records with his pal Eno, Collaborated with Bowie, and Blondie and made a pretty far out record with pre Hall & Oats Daryl Hall) - they returned with "Discipline," and much later with "Thrak" and beyond.
In short - King Crimson has had a multitude of iterations spanning their lifetime, with the only consistent member being Robert Fripp and his signature violin like guitar style. The setlist for their current tour is a wild, three hour ride, and we've got all the spoilers for it laid out below. Check it out!
How long are the setlists?
Around 22 songs, cut between two sets.
What song do they kick off with?
They've kicked off each night with an array of different songs, but the one they open with the most is "Hell Hounds of Kim." They also enjoy opening with tracks from the "Drumsons" variety.
How about closing songs?
They like closing out the main set with "Starless" the most.
Do they perform encores?
Yes, usually one, either "21 Century Schizoid Man" or "Starless."
What's the most performed song been?
"Level Five."
Have the setlists remained the same?
Nope! King Crimson is good about changing up the show each night, it's part of their prog-rock magic.
Can I see what the lastest setlist looked like?
King Crimson
Where can I find the rest of their tour dates?!

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