Who Are The Marías?

For the days when you're road tripping, lounging by the pool, or sunbathing at the beach, there's a certain soundtrack that is required to make the mood complete, and The Marías fit that bill to a T.
The Los Angeles couple, Josh Conway and Puerto Rican-bred María, don't even have a Wiki page yet, but they've had a year that promises big things to come for the psychedelic soul band.
They're joined by close buds Jesse Perlman (on guitar), Carter Lee on bass, and Edward James on keys. María sings and Conway bangs the drums.
“We started writing songs like right after we met,” María says. “After we had written a few songs, we realized that we wanted to do this together, and that we wanted a band, so we asked a few of our close friends if they wanted to play with us and they agreed.”
Their only musical releases so far include two EPs, 2017's Superclean Vol. I and this year's Superclean Vol. II.
Personally, I haven't been able to get their hit "Only In My Dreams" off of my playlists, which you can listen to / watch the music video for below, along with other hits.
"Only In My Dreams"
"Over The Moon"
They also recently collaborated on a song with another "Who Is" band we've featured, Triathalon. Listen to the sexy single "Drip" below.
They actually just wrapped up a tour with Triathalon on December 1st. This was the end of a tour that followed their September trek.
Their live style is just as captivating as their music, as front woman María dons a retro essence on stage and in photos with her slicked back hair and a late-night Jazz club vibe. The music, however, is dream-pop at best, with its sultry tings and salty tunes.
It's fitting that the retro crew is lead by a romantically-linked couple, as most of their songs feel like you're falling love.
Maybe it's their aesthetic, but with over a million monthly listeners on their Spotify alone, and the music world's current obsession with dream pop, we think The Marías are about to make big moves in 2019. They still have some shows booked for this month, and a few local shows in the start of the new year. You can keep up-to-date with all of that over on their website.

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