Camila Cabello Doubles Down on "Romance" and it Pays Off –Review

Nearly two years since Camilla Cabello dropped her debut solo studio album, Camila, she returns with Romance, a confident body of work that showcases a wild, sexy, fun and mature pop superstar finding her prime.
The runaway success of "Havana" skyrocketed Cabello to the tops of the charts globally, making the young star a household name. While Camila proved to be a strong debut effort from a star on the rise, Romance comes out of the gates like a louder, bolder, more playful big sister to Camila – she's more woman than ever.
With the massive success of the Shawn Mendes-assisted lead single "Señorita" setting up Romance to become one of the most anticipated albums from a pop star in 2019, it's not an easy feat to deliver a suite of songs that will sit alongside such a chart-topper without becoming invisible. But not to fret, Cabello delivers a solid collection of songs for fans and casual listeners alike that stand strong amongst the titan hit.
From the album opener "Shameless" which features an anthemic pop chorus and a dark, sensual drop that's hard not to dance along with, to the effortlessly cool bounce of "Living Proof," there's a sense of confidence here that feels like Cabello is owning every track. The "Havana" influence is heavy on Romance and with good reason, songs like "Should've Said It" and the DaBaby collaboration "My Oh My" have strong hints of the formula that made "Havana" a hit.
While the first half of Romance is splashed with Latin flavors throughout with songs like "Liar" and "Señorita," the second half of the record lends itself more to the Top 40 pop side of things. The minimal production of "Bad Kind of Butterflies" is like a whimsical walk through the dark, it's absolutely spellbinding. Records like "Easy" and "Dream of You" are on par with the uptempo ballad power of "Never Be the Same" while "Cry for Me" sees the young singer take vulnerability to a powerful place, the infectious chorus and lyrics are all that much sweeter when paired with Cabello's bold vocal delivery.
When it comes to a love song, Cabello has a knack for belting them out with emotional strength and "This Love" is no exception. Cabello sounds truly at home on so many sounds on Romance, the old-school, mo-town vibes of "This Love" create a perfect space for Cabello.
On "Used to This," the opening chords set a familiar tone for a gorgeous pop record that should have no problem propelling up the Billboard charts, the remix potential for this song is out of this world, too. Oh, and the opening lyric that reflects upon her real-life relationship with Shawn Mendes should get stans in a frenzy.
Romance comes to an end with "First Man," a song about her relationship with her father and it's absolutely stunning, storytelling and all. I think one would be pressed to say Cabello missed any mark with Romance, it's truly all the things we already love about Camila Cabello but more mature, more confident, more sexy, more fun, and more magical.

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