Slayer Plays Last Show EVER in Los Angeles with 20 Song Setlist!

35 + years of touring came to a end for Slayer over the weekend on November 30th at the Forum in Los Angeles. It was an emotional night for even the hardest of metal heads as Slayer closed a chapter on their storied and influential career.
The last leg of the Final Campaign Tour did not go out in vain. The thrash metal legends enlisted support from Philip Anselmo and the Illegals, Ministry, Primus and an insane amount of pyro to bring each North American city they visited a night they'd never forget.
While the second to last show, which we covered, saw a unique setlist from the rest of the Fall 2019 Tour, the final setlist looked similar to the others. They still opened with "South of Heaven" and brought back setlist staples like "When the Stillness Comes" and "Mandatory Suicide."
Check out Slayer's very last setlist below:
And check out an epic photo of Kerry King doing a symbolic chain drop, rather than a mic drop, to signify the end of an era:

Emotions were high all night for bassist and singer Tom Araya. He foresaw the end of days in 2016 when he explained that touring was getting more difficult to Loudwire:
"There's things that have gone on in my life that have made me change how I play as a bass player. I had neck surgery, so I can't headbang anymore. And that was a big part of what I enjoyed doing what I do — singing and headbanging. I liked knowing that I was one of the fucking badass headbangers. That played a big part. Now I just groove with the music, which is cool, because I'm grooving with the music and the feel of the songs, so that's changed a little for me."
Watch the emotional goodbye at their last show right here:
Slayer says goodbye
The night was full of special moments from beginning to end. For instance, fans got to watch actor Jason Momoa sing "This Love" by Pantera with Anselmo during the opening set. Read about Momoa's experience in his Instagram post below!

Thank you Slayer for over three decades of music and 12 albums! We'll miss you! 🤘🔥🤘🔥🤘🔥

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