2022 in Review: Ben Acker of Quarters of Change

New York-based alternative rock band Quarters of Change made an entrance in 2022, releasing their debut album Into the Rift this summer, and adding a deluxe edition in the fall with three new tracks. With fans like Joe Jonas, Lewis Capaldi, and Fred Durst, their 2023 headlining tour will be a hot ticket. Guitarist Ben Acker took time from tour preparations to answer our end-of-year questions.

Setlist.fm: What was your favorite show that YOU played this year? Tell us about it.

Ben Acker: Every show is different, and there have been a lot of fun ones, but when we were in New Mexico [on November 10th] we played Meow Wolf, which was incredible on all fronts. The entire venue experience was a sensory overload (and it had one of the best sound systems, too).

Setlist.fm: What was your favorite show that you SAW this year?

BA: We’ve seen a lot of awesome shows this year. Maybe this is a biased answer, but after watching Bad Suns and Last Dinosaurs for 28 nights in a row, we really became fans of what they're doing. As a musician, you're always pulling from others, and we learned a lot from watching both of those bands.

Setlist.fm: Can you share a favorite touring memory from this year?

BA: Honestly, it's not so much one specific memory, but rather the multiple consistencies that defined the tour. Attila (our drummer) would always find a good local restaurant, no matter where we went. And after the show, someone would always come up and say “I’ve never heard you before, but you guys are sick.” I know those things will stick with me.

Setlist.fm: What do you have planned for 2023?

BA: We’re going to keep putting out bodies of work that we’re proud of — (and go on a full US headline tour!)

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Watch the official music video of the "T Love - Extended" from the deluxe version of their 2022 album Into the Rift.

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