Marquee Memories Supercut: Twenty One Pilots

We've been so honored to have so many talented musicians come through our studio in 2022. We especially love to film Marquee Memories because the stories artists tell about the live music moments that imprinted as a core memory are so vivid and engaging - and they remind us why we do what we do.
While these peak show moments run the gamut from first punk shows to festival-playing peers, a few of them had one band in common: Twenty One Pilots. Pop punk trio Meet Me @ The Altar even credits their existence as a band to the dynamic duo that is Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Listen to them + Nick from The Wrecks and alt-rockers The Aces go off:
Watch The Aces Marquee Memories here.
Watch The Wrecks Marquee Memories here.
Watch Meet Me @ The Altar Marquee Memories here.
Karma Police - Please Share:

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