Setlist History: Metallica Plays Antarctica

Metallica made history a decade ago today when they became the first band to play Antarctica.

When the metal gods strapped it on in a see-through dome on the frozen terrain, it was their seventh continent they'd rocked in 2013, a feat not only no other band had mastered, but had anyone even dared try?

There were so many logistical issues with the quartet playing the Carlini Argentine Base in Antarctica, most importantly the fact that amplifiers, especially the Marshall stacks the thrash kings utilize are in conflict with the guidelines of the international Antarctic-Environmental Protocol.

The show and subsequent concert video was called Freeze Em All - a poke at their first album, Kill Em All. Was Chill Em All taken?

Drummer Lars Ulrich said his son had attended a silent disco at Treasure Island outside of Oakland and claimed it was fantastic.

So it was decided that the band would fly down to the land of ice and penguins, put a couple of small amps in isolation and broadcast that sound, through a mixing board to the headphones.

This would keep the band from causing avalanches and disturbing the fragile ecosystem.

Say your prayers you don't get some nasty chapped lips down there.

About 100 fans, researchers, close friends, contest winners, and crew rocked out in the heated dome on King George Island to pull off the feat Fall Out Boy attempted in 2008 but had to cancel due to poor weather.

Ten songs were played, a guitar and a bass solo, but alas, no "Trapped Under Ice." Maybe next time?

"Talk about bringing different nationalities together," Lars told Conan O'Brien on his podcast.

"We were on a Russian icebreaker, anchored off a Chilean research base playing to Argentinian, Chilean and Brazilian Coca-Cola contest winners in a space that was maybe twice of the room we're in right now," he said, gesturing to the small studio.

The stunt got the boys in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only band to play all seven continents.

But we also got to hear what Metallica sound like with just drums:

Metallica's last show of the year will be in the warmer climes of Saudi Arabia next week. Tickets available on their website.

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