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If you've ever wondered who even works at and like, do they even GO TO SHOWS?! The answer is - oh yes, absolutely, and we'd love to share our Marquee Memories JUST from 2023.

Kacey Musgraves @ Staples Center

In 2022 my sister came to LA from Chicago and we got nosebleed tickets to see Kacey Musgraves at the Staples Center. We are both are huge fans and she had just gotten engaged, so this was going to be our big, last single sister trip together. Before the show, we got the bright idea to go to Joshua Tree for a day trip – when she’s visiting we always try to pack it all in. We got very carried away taking a photoshoot in the desert in our concert fits, but then were running late to the show! We hopped in the car and drove like crazy through the desert to downtown LA. We made it about 10min before the show. As we were about to hike up to our nosebleeds – the security guard stopped us and said, “Actually I have some better seats for you two.” He escorted us to amazing, very close seats that hadn’t sold. With my sister in her “Bride” cowboy hat and me in my sparkly boots we had the time of our lives. We sang every word, and Kacey was incredible. The entire arena was filled with women embracing these different seasons in life, and it was so sweet to share that with my sister.

Kacey Musgraves setlist

Tyler, Senior Content Production & Development Manager

100 Gecs @ The Palladium

My favorite Marquee Memory for 2023 is the 100 Gecs show at The Palladium in LA. My wife and I found out about the show while we were out on our honeymoon in Italy and immediately allocated some of our honeyfund to buying tickets. Right before our wedding, we became converts to the Gec lifestyle after we heard the pseudo-ska banger, "Frog on the Floor." We immediately added several Gecs songs to the wedding playlist.

We arrived at The Palladium fresh off of our honeymoon and walked in as Machine Girl was tearing it up, singer in the back of the crowd style. We ran into several friends and began hashing out our plan to drill our way to the front of the crowd for 100 Gecs. In between sets, a group of kids nearby began casting shadow puppets onto the ceiling, we took turns doing our best routines. The Gecs started their set with "Dumbest Girl Alive" (absolute banger) and we began charging to the front. Everyone in the crowd was loving it, so it was hard to make much progress. We slowly reconvened at our initial spot around the time of "Stupid Horse" just in time to dance to "Frog on the Floor." "Hollywood Baby" went crazy and their sound system temporarily failed, moving us into a de facto act 2 of the show. The rest of the show continued to be a joy-filled dance party, as they played songs primarily from their most recent album, 10,000 Gecs. Afterward, we hit The Well across the street while one of our friends tried to convince us to meet up with so-and-so in Koreatown. We were tired and fairly buzzed, so my wife and I opted to stay put for a while and then head home to rest up a day before we returned to The Palladium for Death Grips, rounding out our honeymoon.

100 gecs setlist

Travis, Supervising Producer

Baby Metal @ YouTube Theater

I’ve only seen Baby Metal in a festival setting- so watching their live show on the Babylok Tour was a highlight from this year. Their choreographed movements and fan participation is really fun to see live. Review + photos here.

Erica Lauren, manager of content and publishing

Nightly @ The Fonda

Having only recently discovered Nightly due to their most recent album “wear your heart out,” I went in not being overly familiar with their work. But I came out of the show pumped to go back and discover more of their tracks after being treated to their performance. For the size of the group, I was impressed with the production value as they played through their tunes, set against a digital backdrop displaying original animations that reflected the tone and energy of each piece. The lead singer, Jonathan Capeci, did an impressive job with both his showmanship and vocals, maintaining the energy throughout and ensuring every emotion came through with each note. It was hard not to dance and jump along to more upbeat tracks of “like i do” and “wear your heart out,” while wallowing in the melodramatic feels of “love somebody” alongside rest of the crowd. Overall, it was a wonderful show that really stood out to me with its intimacy and genuine passion for the music.

Nightly setlist

Devon, Associate Producer, Post-Production

Beyoncé at Lumen Field

I had the opportunity to catch Beyoncé on her Renaissance tour in Seattle this year. I went with a friend I've known for a long time- a friendship, might I add, sustained by Beyonce's music. From the moment we stepped on the grounds, the energy was exhilarating— an energy only Beyoncé can create. So much so, that I even opted to throw my Canon Powershot camera away when security asked me to put it back in my car (I was too scared I'd miss any part of the show). Beyonce's performance (expectedly) blew us out of the water. We cried, we laughed, and we danced—all over two bottles of wine. My fellow employees were, thankfully, very understanding when I missed my 6am flight out to a shoot the next morning.

Beyoncé setlist

Veronica, Content Producer / Editor

System of a Down, Aquabats and Cheap Trick

1) Seeing System of a Down headline Sick New World in Vegas with my son Oscar—we’re both huge fans. It was a big deal for me being there with him, and it made the show even better. 30-plus songs, everyone singing along, truly epic.

2) Aquabats at the Belasco this summer with both my sons. We’ve been fans since they were toddlers, and MC Bat Commander and crew did not disappoint! Such a fun show with a couple of fun young dudes.

3) Cheap Trick at the Pacific Amphitheatre with my wife. We bonded over this band way way back, and life may have its twists and turns, but we’ve always had CT—how lucky are we? They’re still rocking hard!

Jon, Sr. Director - Content

Bush @ Palladium

I think my MM for this year is seeing Bush in January at the Hollywood Palladium, if nothing else that it was the most chill concert-going experience I've ever had. Since I couldn't find anyone else who was interested I went alone. While I was running my errands I went to pick up my tickets at Will Call, then while the openers were on I went home, had dinner, then caught the bus to take me back to the venue which is only about 2 miles away from me. (Thanks to for letting me know when the headliner would come on!) Bush was great as always (this was my second time seeing them), and the Palladium is a great intimate venue so there wasn't a single bad spot to stand. Surprisingly they ended up playing most of the songs I came to see within the first hour, so I was able to catch the bus home and be in bed by 11pm on a Sunday.

Carrie, Post-Production Ops Manager

Light Up The Blues benefit concert for Autism Speaks

(Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh)

I got to attend the Light Up The Blues benefit concert this year at the Greek Theatre. Put on by Stephen Stills and his wife, Kristen, the concert is intended to raise money and awareness for Autism Speaks. The full lineup hadn’t been announced in advance, so when Joe Walsh stepped onto the stage, I nearly fell over with excitement. Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh are my favorite guitarists of all time, so to see those two perform a duet of “Rocky Mountain Way,” together was not only a highlight of my year, but a highlight of my life. I may or may not have shed a tear of pure joy.

Lindsay, Creative Producer

Tears for Fears @ Hollywood Bowl

Tears for Fears are one of those magical bands that somehow sound even better live and that surprise you with their number of hits when you hear them back-to-back in a 2.5 hour sonic bubble. As Roland Orzabal said, “Our songs are more famous than we are.”

Tears for Fears setlist

Erica, VP, Content and Creative

Taylor Swift at SoFi Stadium

My favorite show this year was definitely the final night of Taylor Swift at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles 8/9. The crowd was palpably electric that evening and with each new blue wardrobe piece Taylor debuted, the anticipation was building that the 1989 Taylor’s Version announcement was upon us. It very much felt like the biggest party on the last day of school. The screams were already deafening but when Taylor stood at the end of her stage in a blue dress, everyone knew they were about to witness Swiftie history in person. “In the eighth month… On the ninth day…” I almost couldn’t hear her announce the upcoming release of 1989 TV over the screams of anticipation. Taylor starts strumming her guitar and the familiar Ah. Ah. Ah-Ah-Ah began "New Romantics" for her first surprise song (first time live since 2017) and there were screams and tears all around as Swifties celebrated. I’ll never forget it. If I have grandchildren someday, when they point to the pictures, I’ll tell them her name and how the crowds went wild.

Taylor Swift setlist

Stephanie, Project Manager

The Postal Service @ The Hollywood Bowl

The Postal Service setlist

Jimmy, Sr. Director - Creative

Yellowcard @ YouTube Theater

I'm a longtime fan and friend of this band, and I (and they) really thought 2017 was the end of it. Then they were asked to play RiotFest 2022. And then SlamDunk. And when they decided to go on a tour to celebrate 20 Years of Ocean Avenue, it soldddd outtttt. I got to attend the VIP Soundcheck where they played an acoustic version of "You and Me and One Spotlight" - a song not even attempted before this tour. It didn't feel real until they ripped into the opening notes of "Way Away." Then I was so glad to be back in it, dizzy with excitement and screaming my lungs out. They put out an EP so we shall see what 2024 holds...

Yellowcard setlist

Bree (me, hi, the person writing this blog), Director of Editorial

Thanks for a great year, we'll see you out there in 2024!

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