's Top 10 Tours of 2023

How should a successful tour be judged?

By how much tickets cost? By how many friends were made?

By how cool the t-shirts were?

How about by how many of the fans came to a modest website of setlists to see which songs they played?

That's what this list is: Top 10 2023 Tours based on how many fans looked up the sets, probably the most valid way to determine things. Let's see how your faves fared.

10. Harry Styles, Love on Tour

The former One Directioner's Love On Tour quietly became the fifth-highest-grossing tour of all time after the affable singer / dancer / fashion plate played 169 shows around the world and sold more than five million tickets.

Over 1.1 million users came to setlist to see what they could expect and when it would come. Yes, he'd probably play "What Makes You Beautiful" in the 15-song main set and "Watermelon Sugar" as the first of the four-song encore.

9. Depeche Mode, Memento Mori

Since the 1980s these British new wavers have delighted audiences around the world, and even after 15 albums fans still can't get enough.

Nearly 1.3 million concertgoers checked in with Setlist this year because DM has no problem mixing up their sets. For example "Sister of Night,” “Speak to Me,” “Soul With Me” and “Wrong,” which were in the set this spring have now been replaced with “Policy of Truth,” “My Favourite Stranger,” "Strangelove," and “Condemnation.”

The band still has a half-dozen California dates left on its schedule. Get your tickets here.

8. The Cure, Shows of a Lost World

The fact The Cure are on this list makes a lot of sense. On average they play close to 30 songs a gig off 12 studio albums and a pair of compilations. Robert Smith loves to mix it up as he sings, plays, and dances all night long.

About 1.1 million Cure fans came to the site to see what to expect, but they clicked around more than other fans. And why not, there's a lot to see, specifically when Robert tosses in some of the band's many rarities and deep tracks.

Speaking of seeing... do you live in South America? There are still two more ways to catch The Cure before this year ends. Grab your tickets on their website.

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers, 2022-23 Global Stadium Tour

The Chili Peppers celebrated 40 years of the band's existence this year with a stadium tour that went around the world. Quite an achievement. Almost as impressive as dropping a pair of double albums in 2022.

With 3/4 of the band in their 60s, the odds are very good that what they've got the did give to many of the mammas and paps in the crowd who are now bringing their kids to get some of what is being given away.

The LA funksters have dedicated fans, 1.5 million of whom came to this site to see things like if they might play "Under The Bridge" that night because the band performed it in fewer than half of their shows in 2023. One place they did perform it was at the grand opening of the Nickerson Gardens Playground in August.

Flea, Anthony and the boys go back at it in February. Grab your tickets here.

6. Guns N’ Roses, World Tour 2023

Axl, Slash, Duff and your pals checked off a lot of boxes in their 2023 World Tour. They participated in Power Trip out in the desert, they jammed with Grohl at Glastonbury and Carrie Underwood in Canada, and they even got to rock out at the Hollywood Bowl for the first time in their long career.

Nearly 1.4 million Guns fans came to the site to see what new or rare tunes they may play, and like Cure lovers, they clicked a bunch thus the high ranking.

You'd think 50 dates around the world would make a top hat wearing, Les Paul strumming guitarist yearn for some time off. Not Slash. He's taking his pal Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators on the road starting in a few days. Get tickets here.

5. Metallica, M72 World Tour

Due to the nature of Metallica's unique approach to this tour you can see why nearly two million of their fans came to this site to see what they played the night before.

The M72 tour was a two night stand at cities around the world where nothing that was rocked out on night one would be played on night two. So even though the metal masters only had 28 official gigs in 2023, they were huge, loud, the setlist was often unpredictable.

Before they take it easy until late May, Lars and his BFFs will do a show in Saudi Arabia next week. Tickets available on their website.

4. Dead & Company, The Final Tour: Summer 2023

If there's one fanbase who loves setlists it's Deadheads who only need to hear the titles of the songs and order to develop the sweetest smile.

As Dead & Co. traveled around bidding farewell, 1.6 million of their tie-dye-wearing fans came to the site and clicked and clicked, soaking in what Phil and John served up along the way.

At the end of the day, Mayer did the impossible by "filling in" for Jerry and gaining respect for fitting in. He will be ringing in the New Year in Japan. Get your tickets here.

3. Arctic Monkeys, The Car

This is not a typo. AM fans love Setlist. 2.5 million of them came to this very site this year to see what the heck their favorite band played the night before. Week after week their clicking made our top 10 lists and it never subsided.

Grinding through 89 gigs in 2023 on a tour that began in the summer of 2022, the Brits were usually good for 20+ songs over seven albums. Half of the tunes they played every night which mean a healthy portion of the set could have included the title track to Suck It And See or the dusting off of "No. 1 Party Anthem."

2. Bruce Springsteen, Springsteen & E Street Band 2023 Tour

The Boss may have shaved some time off his famously epic sets but he's still delivering close to 30 tunes a gig. And unlike some of the others out there, the 74 year old does not play snippets of his rock classics, he goes for it.

He wants to be on that stage with the E Street Band. He wants to play the song off the hand scrawled sign you hold up. He wants to give the drummer some. He wants the horn section to get theirs. But mostly he wants to continue to live up to the legend that he became decades ago.

You won't hear it on the radio. It gets lost among his hits. But 'Kitty's Back" is a wonderful taste of what Springsteen was fiddling with on his first two albums and a testament to what an underratedly excellent guitarist he is.

Even though Springsteen had to cancel the last shows of the 2023 tour due to an illness that he has thankfully recovered from, a whopping 5.28 million fans came to this site to see if he'd maybe maybe pretty please play "Cadillac Ranch," "Ramrod" or "Atlantic City." Most of the time the answer was nope. But he did play "Kitty's Back" every night, which was lovely.

Bruce Springsteen comes out of hibernation in March. Save up. Squirrel away your tips and go see this man and the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, love-making, earth-quaking, Viagra-taking E. Street Band.Tickets available on his website.

1. Taylor Swift, The Eras Tour

Don't be shocked she topped our chart, your girl topped all the charts. She had the most talked about and most successful tour, the movie documenting the thing was #1 in the box office, she even got a #1 from a song that doesn't even go to this school.

So it's no surprise her fans would have clicked on these pages some 10 million times.

Indeed, thanks to the "surprise songs" she would gift each show, fans flocked to Setlist to see what Swifties over there got to see live that they didn't get to see over here.

Hilariously the fans would often run to Twitter or TikTok with the name of the song(s) a lucky city got to hear and sarcastically tweet, "I'm done with Taylor Swift."

Well Taylor is far from done with you. After she chills out over the holidays and maybe catches some KC Chiefs games, she's bringing the Eras Tour over to Japan in February.

Wait, February? Isn't that when the Super Bowl is? The game her boyfriend has a good shot of playing in? Why yes.

But luckily, Taylor's last Japanese show is on 2/10 and the next day is the Big Game in Vegas. Let's hope this Love Story lasts through that and see if she comes flying half way across the world to see her big hulk do the sports ball.

Tickets to the 2024 Eras Tour can be accessed, if you're lucky, via Taylor's website.

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