Top 10 Most Popular 2023 Setlist Festivals

As we did a few days ago with Top Artists of 2023, based on how many setlists fans looked up, here are the Top Festivals of this year derived from the same calculation.

Which is really the most scientific metric, if you think about it.

So here, in reverse order are the most popular fests that were clicked around by you, the setlistfm visitor.

10. Welcome to Rockville

Four nights of heavy and hard rock wasn't enough for this Florida fest, so they booked Hatebreed and others for the pre-party in the campground on Wednesday night.

Nearly 100 setlists were posted for this phenomenal collection of rockers headlined by Pantera, Tool, Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, Slipknot and also included The Bronx, Suicidal Tendencies, Motionless in White and Rival Sons.

2024's lineup is somehow just as good with the Foo Fighters, Motley Crue, Primus, Judas Priest, Jelly Roll, L7, Cypress Hill and Living Colour. Get your tickets on their website.

9. Woodstock '99

Thanks in part to the popular 2022 Netflix documentary about the disastrous weekend held on an abandoned Air Force base, interest of the infamous 1999 Woodstock fest.

Because many of today's festival goers were too young, or not even born yet, to have attended Woodstock '99 the lineup of acts who are still touring big venues today might get users of this site to see what the heck The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, and Willie Nelson played for those angry boys.

We have 88 setlists of those who rocked that asphalt and it's the perfect companion to the doom watching of docs, TikToks, and video essays of that dark event.

8. Newport Folk Festival 2023

Lana Del Rey, back home in Rhode Island

As noted previously, Lana Del Rey did not perform a lot in the US this year, which is tragic, but she did get to do her thing at the Newport Folk Festival, a gig she told the crowd she wanted to do since she was 14.

Why? Her father's side of the family moved to Rhode Island back in the day. Stalker fans like moi know that her dad's brother, her uncle David, is buried at the nearby Barrington cemetery.

Lana's set included debuts plus a guest appearance by Jack Antonoff

Thus at the NFF, when she tour-debuted "hope is a dangerous thing," from her latest album, she changed
Calling from beyond the grave, I just wanna say, "Hi, Dad"
Calling from beyond the Barrington grave, I just wanna say, "Hi, Dad."

Newport fans posted 79 setlists that can all be seen here.

7. Rock am Ring 2023

Germany got three days of pure hard hitting this summer in Nurburgring when Rise Against, The D, Turnstile and 70 others rocked the racetrack.

While there was a little controversy earlier in the year when organizers replaced Pantera with the Foo Fighters, one of the best moments was when Amy of Evanescence brought up Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach to sing the rap section in "Bring Me Life," a portion she used to leave out of the live performance.

“I stopped performing it a long time ago,” she told Metal Hammer. “When we’re on tour and we have somebody that fits into that spot, they jump up on the song.”

Next year's festival will include Green Day and Maneskin. Sichert euch jetzt tickets auf.

6. US Festival 1983

Embedded content is no longer available.

In what would become The Clash's final show, the four-day festival (three if you don't count the Country acts a few days afterwards) held in Devore, California, a good 90 minutes east of LA depending on traffic, was historic for many reasons.

Van Halen scrupulously had a clause in their contract stating they insisted on being the highest-paid group on the bill. So when the rockers heard that David Bowie would be paid the same $1 million by organizer and Apple Computers co-founder Steve Wozniak, they threatened not to play. So Woz dug deep and gave them an extra half million to put a sock in it.

$20 a day to see this stacked lineup.

Diamond David Lee Roth does not shut up, he puts up, so he insulted The Clash who had been insulting Van Halen and maybe, thanks to today's social media airing dirty laundry that explains why these 33 setlists were accessed by so many fans?

Regardless, it was the only time legends like Ozzy, U2, INXS, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Stevie Nicks, and Los Lobos would be on the same poster as The Clash and VH. Thanks for thinking differently, Woz.

5. Glastonbury Festival Setlists

Glastonbury has so much history, so many funny stories, and so many unbelievable moments, it's no surprise our database of its 38 festivals spanning 3,318 artists made it to the Top 5 of this list.

For example, how about the time David Bowie live debuted "Changes" there in 1971 at 5 a.m. to 6,000 sleepy hippies?

One could get lost digging around and reading all the sets your favorite bands have played in front of the juberant and sometimes muddy audience.

That time Miley brought Lil Nas X up on stage and her daddy joined too.

And yes, your favorite band probably played there.

And even if they only did it once, it was something they never forgot.

The 2024 edition of the show is already sold out but tickets will be released in April of all of those that have been refunded or canceled.

4. Genentech Gives Back

The SF based biotech company, Genentech, holds an annual concert at Oracle Park where the Giants play baseball and where Dead & Co. had their final shows.

This year the event had Fitz and the Tantrums, Chance the Rapper and Dua Lipa, who would be great at any company summer siore, but should it get more clicks than all but three of the other festivals held around the world this year?

Two things: it was a private event in Silicon Valley and despite how grand this was, unless it's filled with scandal it won't get much press up there. Also, Ms. Lipa is on fire right now. Therefore the best place to see what was performed there wasn't the newspaper... it was where we have the entire history of these shows sponsored by Genentech.

3. Coachella Festival 2023

Historic year for Coachella in 2023 as two of its three headliners were foreign speakers/singers/rappers/dancers.

Spanish-language Bad Bunny brought his Reggaeton on opening night. And then the KPOP phenoms BlackPink were all up in the area on Saturday.

One of the many surprises was when Zendaya hopped on stage with Labrinth to perform for the first time live in seven years.

And what about alllll the new music that was delivered out there in Indio? Over 50 live-debuts were paraded out in Weekend One alone.

It will also be known as the time Blink-182 rocked the Sahara tent on the first weekend, as a surprise, and then substituted for Frank Ocean on the big stage for the second weekend.

A lot went down across the 388 sets. If you were there and your favorite group wasn't properly documented, fill in the blanks.

Coachella 2024 waitlist can be accessed through their website.

2. Download Festival 2023

To celebrate it's 20th year of bring the good-good to the sweet people of the UK in the shadow of the Donnington Castle, Download appeased Metallica by letting them headline two of the four nights in honor of the metal giants' M72 tour where they play a no-repeat weekend.

Was it Metallica fans who flooded the site to see if "One" got played twice?

Awwww, the festival featured the fans in this little video. More fests should do that.

Or is it just that European rock fans love this festival so much that they can't get enough of it? The TPD TV YouTubers who travel to as many concerts and festivals as they can say it's their favorite Euro fest and were positively giddy to be there in June.

Tickets for 2024's fest are available now. And OMG, the headliners will be some of our faves to abbreviate: QOTSA, FOB, and A7X.

1. Glastonbury Festival 2023

Sorry not sorry if you were accidentally RickRolled.

Download claims it is "The UK's Premiere Rock Festival" but Glastonbury would like a word.

Also according to our stats [adjusts reading glasses], fans of Glastonbury 2023 cruised around our setlists 48.3% more than those curious about Download.

Poor Glastonbury is so scrutinized it was even criticized this year for the kerning on its poster.

There was a lot for people to pour over across the 474(!) sets that went down at that famous farm.

Of note was Elton John's last full set there, Cat Stevens, Lizzo, Guns, Carly Rae Jepsen.

But Rick Ashley's two sets are still in our hearts.

First he did an entire set of Smiths tunes, which, YES PLEASE.

Then when he did a proper set of his own material later in the daytime, he included an AC/DC cover he performed from behind a drum kit.

Sorry, Download, but that is the premiere UK rock you're going to have to surpass to earn your moniker.

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