Nov 3 2009

Shootyz Groove at The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN, USA

  1. Eeh! Blah! Huh Huh Huh Hiney!
  2. Bee Bee Bee Bow Bee Bee Bee Bee Bom
  3. Aneeshing: Part 1-We Like to Aneesh By Cool Waters / Part 2-Quit Aneeshing
  4. The Power of Dido
  5. The Cutest Patootie of All Time / Cute! / Quit Being So Cute
  6. A Lick Like Lick (This Is Tabby)/Tabby Goes Knead Knead Knead on the Waterbed
  7. Voma-Lecka-Choo-Choo/Body-Ah Feet/Razalla Zalla Aw/Flush the La-La...Aw/We are Neander Horses
  8. Ding Dang-a Ding-a Dang Ding Dong (Ding Ding Dang-a Duh) / Stand In a Line and Donkey-Donkey
  9. The Cutest Possible Position
  10. Hi Mine Hanoi! (Hee Beautiful-ooh)/E Calla Musical/Achuch Upon Ice Cream
  11. Gockling
  12. The Crazy Dance / Wild!
  13. ...
May 20 1978

Eagles at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. Hotel California
  2. Take It to the Limit
  3. One of These Nights
  4. Over and Over
  5. Second Hand Store
  6. Indian Summer
  7. At the Station
  8. Tomorrow
  9. Inner Tube
  10. Life's Been Good
  11. Already Gone
  12. Life in the Fast Lane
  13. ...