1. Act 1
  2. Song played from tape
    Marching Band Intro
    (contains elements of "Do Whatcha Wanna", "Humble", "Family Feud", & "Emerald City Sequence")
    Play Video
  3. (contains elements of "Back That Azz Up", "Humble", "I'm A Hustla", & "Down For My Niggaz")
    Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. Play Video
  6. Play Video
  7. (contains elements of "Bow Down")
    Play Video
  8. (acapella)
    Play Video
  9. (contains elements of "Tom Ford" & "Bout It, Bout It")
    Play Video
  10. Play Video
  11. (contains elements of "Lilac Wine" & "Swag Surfin")
    Play Video
  12. (contains elements of "Irreplaceable", "Headlines", "Hovi Baby", "Dirt Off Your Shoulder", & "Everybo)
    Play Video
  13. (contains elements of "Bugatti", "Trophies", "Spottie", "wokeuplikethis*" & "Bow Down")
    Play Video
  14. Song played from tape
    (DJ Khaled)
    Play Video
  15. (DJ Khaled cover)
    Play Video
  16. Play Video
  17. Act 2
  18. Song played from tape
    Bug-A-Boo Interlude
    (contains elements of "Shining", "If I Were a Boy", "Work It Out", "Set It Off", "7/11", & "Party")
    Play Video
  19. (contains elements of "Kashmir" & "Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?")
    Play Video
  20. Play Video
  21. (contains elements of "Blow" & "Hip Hop Star")
    Play Video
  22. Play Video
  23. (J Balvin & Willy William cover) (contains elements of "Standing on The Sun")
    Play Video
  24. (contains elements of "Standing on The Sun")
    Play Video
  25. (contains elements of "Fever" & "Freaks")
    Play Video
  26. (Dawn Penn cover)
    Play Video
  27. (contains elements of "Bam Bam")
    Play Video
  28. (contains elements of "Broccoli")
    Play Video
  29. (contains elements of "Uhh Ahh")
    Play Video
  30. (with JAY-Z) (contains elements of "Zombie", "Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)", & "Green Light")
    Play Video
  31. Act 3
  32. Song played from tape
    The Buzz Interlude
    (contains elements of "Ego", "No Mo’ Play in GA", "Hay", "Why Don't You Love Me")
    Play Video
  33. (contains elements of "Can You Feel It" & "We Should All Be Feminists")
    Play Video
  34. Play Video
  35. (Destiny’s Child song) (timbaland's remix contains elements of "U Don't Know")
    Play Video
  36. (Destiny’s Child song) (contains elements of "California Love", "Tear It Up" & "Dancing Machine)
    Play Video
  37. (extended mix, with an appearance by Solange onstage, contains elements of "Drag Rap")
    Play Video
  38. (contains elements of "Do Whatcha Wanna")
    Play Video
  39. (contains elements of "Do Whatcha Wanna")
    Play Video
  40. Song played from tape
    (DJ Khaled song)
    Play Video

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