1. (with Suzanne Thorpe of Mercury Rev)
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  2. 'You're Living All Over Me' in its entirety
  3. (with Lee Ranaldo)
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  12. Special Guest Career-Spanning Set
  13. (with Frank Black)
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  14. (Pixies cover) (with Frank Black)
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  15. (with Kurt Vile) (Al Cisneros from Sleep on bass, Kyle Spence from Harvey Milk on drums)
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  18. (with Kevin Drew) (Johnny Marr from The Smiths on guitar, Dale Crover from Melvins on drums)
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  19. (The Smiths cover) (with Johnny Marr)
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  20. (Deep Wound cover) (with Dale Crover)
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  21. (with Al Cisneros)
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  22. (Iron Cross cover) (Dante Ferrando from Iron Cross on drums, Don Fleming on vocals, Graham Clise on guitar)
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  23. (with Kim Gordon)
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  24. Encore:
  25. (The Stooges cover) (with Tommy Stinson) (with Fred Armisen on drums and John Petkovic on vocals)
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  27. (with Kevin Drew)
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