1. Run
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  2. Play Video
  3. Play Video
  4. (with jam session)
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  5. Play Video
  6. (with jam session Dave & Taylor)
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  7. (with drum solo at the beginning)
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  8. Play Video
  9. Play Video
  10. Play Video
  11. Play Video
  12. (Alice Cooper cover) (Chris Shiflett on vocals)
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  13. (Imagine with Jump lyrics)
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  14. (Queen cover) (with Luke Spiller) (Taylor on vocals, Dave on drums)
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  15. (with Yayo Sanchez) (aka Kiss Guy, an audience member with Gene Simmons make-up that Dave invited onstage)
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  16. (Dave solo into full band)
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  18. (Dave solo)
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  19. Play Video
  20. Encore:
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  22. Play Video
  23. Play Video

Note: "Saint Cecilia" was on the setlist before "Dirty Water" but was not played.

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Austin360 Amphitheater, Austin, TX, United States

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