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Note: Two fans were crushed to death when many in the crowd of 107,000 began slam-dancing to "It's So Easy". Rose had halted the show several times to calm the audience. From then on, he became known for personally addressing disruptive fans and giving instructions to security personnel from the stage, at times stopping concerts to deal with issues in the crowd. In 1992, Rose stated, "Most performers would go to a security person in their organization, and it would just be done very quietly. I'll confront the person, stop the song: 'Guess what: You wasted your money, you get to leave.'" As a result of the deaths at Monsters of Rock, the festival was canceled the following year.

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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Monsters of Rock England 1988 setlists

202 people were there

I was there too

Abundzu99 Ackers55 Acmalibu alexbbailey AllCopey alrodgers Andy_Field andy_m70 andyblur57 anjeroo aorshark Artstar2 attenboj BaldyBeaver barbie Berryfields1967 Bill billyramone BobFlett boilermike CADpaul carlosjenno cessvandervalke Chops_Top_Fives chrisAsmith chrisryche CliffEvans crewbus93 Crocodilemarko Cronz Da_Matser dandan44 Danthrax DarthIan DaveBham daveingham DaveM66 daveneath DaveRenfrew djkamsdad DominicX Douglas-McLeod Dowson20 dsscolumbia dtowens Dusti Dustym dwccm07 e-n-h EENIMAC eggers ehull220 electricshock Enyoueffsee EricPZ EvilHans fatlenny fb:564757118 fb:601216497 fb:633477303 fbcaird Finbarr72 FlouredBaker fordpop Fozzie500 Futto G-T-R Gab285 Gallowgate ghiberti giglord GingerNinja72 glawster2002 Glyndle glyndwr Gnomicide GobbleyBobblins Gruffkill grzywacz Halo hawklord HerbertS holmesandwatson Honestman ianjDudley ianpw inrock jamroom jasonpearson JedsDad jezza jimhartrox JimSimmons jock1888 jonesboy1997 jonmarcus judgenutmeg KarlL Keano2112 Khimkharmakan kingfeurio Lelo66 lennie7 Lincolnimp101 Lionheart65 Los_Bearos mac_abre majakane Mark_Rutherford markbigger Markyp MatthewWalne mattyh001 mcbetterman MerlinsDad Michael-Gilling MICKMICK64 MikeHut MikeyBoy1969 minimaart Morat MrBump mrjoe2112 Mrjtfoster mrnickheath mumpy73 N3W33 NeilABZ neueregel nickslikk2112 nigthor NMcWhy noonnomad nycstew obi1 octopub onionrage pablophoney Patpacey patrickneylan patthemetaller Paul140870 paulleigh_ peebee pharey philsherry PixelGlow Poor_Ben RedRocks Richcliff RickMathews ringofan66 Robbie1898 robdog RocknRollSusie Rumpeller Russ8 sboraston Scoobmaster Scottdwasp Seanbenno seasidemark7 Sibs70 sic1314 Simon2744 Simonanathan SimonCritchell smb70 snowdog62 softboy Soya1969 Spidersong spike spiked StephenVonWinn Steveallen stevejackswan StevePlayford stwilley suecee supplebanana TangoThirsty Tanny teejaycee13 TheAnalogKid therookery thetruth999 Thewashies Tiredandweary Tonito toolo Trevor29 Twanky urruri vpunk72 Warbird234 wardy65 wilfwilfus Wmplynig woodster1972 Wurzel98 YYZ1963

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