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Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

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AbominableDrH Abradomy acidburn110 allan_sd Alvarock Andy_Field AngelsNightmare antium Asstone b3njamin baconmusic badniks Bauds blackadderv blackmetalmike BloodThreadC BLYLIP Bouffbrownstone Brian_Maiden Cads Cannonlab caskew86 Caveman-Ninja chrhan Chrisbo26 ChrisCBaker Chriscrock3078 ChrisKtulu chrismerrick68 Cloned Codekey_Xpress cornixregina Craig1981 DanContogiannis Danmau5 Dartboy88 DATABAS3 Dave_Martin Davedeslave DavidMS Deathside dellxo diaMondsocks domunited DreamingDesire FatSteve fb:508104500 fb:596956252 fb:721650366 filth4000 Fionacr84 FrattonRoulette fuckin_clayer Gghghghfh grimsbyfan GT005 Hammy27 handofsutekh Hazel Iain1982 IncredibleMalk Ironstrang82 JDS214 Jloverman Jozeph1980 Jrda0406 Juggins13 justanotherider kej_seeley kyle_hedgley LaaLaaBell Lardofale lctdphil leethomas844 londonriot951 markhandscombe marksinkinson MeganMercury meowy Metalibaz mikegilbert MikeMetal MonkeyOls neil1703 nickbagley NickBartlett Nige78 nuclear oldnick666 OptimusPhilbo paulisgod Pcrknight pfxd philsherry Pistol80 poppahorse Powerslave rbevanson Reaperwaits666 Redders86 RichParkes Rogerb1859 rsbinns Sam_VET_John Sarge scardwel SebH sibushy SJackson16 SkullArmy SlaytanicBacon smaunsell sonyagiles Soulforged soundofgunfire Starbreaker88 Stevelotm Tallica4Life the_bunster The-tonemeister theblackening thedamogaur TheEpithite TheGodlessGamer ThePants TheStigB thesuperdude timkovski tmhserrano Tonito Towton Tweeknet upthedownstair Uri_Baqueiro vikingpimp VimFuego Warda86 williamsjk Xrislord Xylem1 Yay-A-Mosquito

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