1. Only MPB4
  2. (Unknown)
    (with MPB4) (Instrumental)
  3. (Milton Nascimento cover) (with MPB4)
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  4. (Chico Buarque cover) (with MPB4)
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  5. (MPB4 cover) (with MPB4)
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  6. (Chico Buarque cover) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  7. (Chico Buarque cover) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  8. (Chico Buarque cover) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  9. (Chico Buarque cover) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  10. MPB4 + Toquinho
  11. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  12. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  13. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  14. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  15. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho) (with MPB4) (With "Ninguém me Ama" snippet.)
    Play Video
  16. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  17. Only Toquinho
  18. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho)
    Play Video
  19. (Vinicius de Moraes cover) (with Toquinho)
    Play Video
  20. (Chico Buarque cover) (with Toquinho)
    Play Video
  21. (Jorge Ben Jor cover) (with Toquinho)
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  22. (Unknown)
    (with Toquinho) (Instrumental)
  23. (Toquinho cover) (with Toquinho)
    Play Video
  24. Toquinho + Ivan Lins
  25. Play Video
  26. (with Toquinho)
    Play Video
  27. Only Ivan Lins & Drummer
  28. Play Video
  29. Play Video
  30. Play Video
  31. Play Video
  32. Play Video
  33. Ivan Lins + MPB4
  34. (Chico Buarque cover) (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  35. (with MPB4)
    Play Video
  36. Ivan Lins + MPB4 + Toquinho
  37. (Toquinho cover) (with MPB4) (with Toquinho)
    Play Video
  38. Encore (Ivan Lins + MPB4 + Toquinho)
  39. (Roberto Ribeiro cover) (with MPB4) (with Toquinho)
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Note: Total time: 2h 07min (21:55 - 00:02).

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