1. Act I
  2. Song played from tape
    Jumping Film
    (Video Introduction, contains samples from "Dance in The Dark" and "Finally 2008")
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  3. Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. Act II: Desert
  6. Song played from tape
    Puke Film
    (Video interlude, contains samples from "Tears In The Rain")
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  7. (contains elements of "Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix")
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  8. Play Video
  9. Act III: Florest
  10. Song played from tape
    Raven Film
    (Video interlude, contais samples from "Money Honey" and "Girls" (Style of Eye))
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  11. Play Video
  12. Play Video
  13. Play Video
  14. Play Video
  15. (Piano Version)
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  16. Act IV: Egipty
  17. Song played from tape
    Tank Girl Film
    (Video interlude, contains samples from "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" (Dirty Freak Remix))
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  18. (Ghosts n' Stuff Remix)
    Play Video
  19. Play Video
  20. (Dirty Freak Remix)
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  21. Act V: City
  22. Song played from tape
    Paws Up Film (Antler Film)
    (Video interlude, contains samples from "Fancy Footwork" (Crockers Remix))
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  23. Play Video
  24. Play Video
  25. (Includes elements of the "Space Cowboy Remix")
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  26. Act VI
  27. Song played from tape
    The Manifesto of Little Monsters
    (Video interlude)
    Play Video
  28. Play Video
  29. Encore:
  30. Play Video
  31. Play Video
  32. Song played from tape
    Tattoo Film
    (Video closing, contains samples from "Blondel zu Marien D626")
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