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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Sonisphere UK 2009 setlists

150 people were there

I was there too

01cleavert abjo17 adamjon30 aeolist Agerian alex_simpson13 Andy_Field Asstone b_international baconmusic Batese Beardz4life benicoll benmcdonald Berryfields1967 Betz bigdave2510 biggles829 billyramone bmbusk bobsvoices budgie captainricebox CG23 chrisbray1 Clarkey4boro Clarkie107 colinc1 Daintry100 Damienseager666 Danmau5 danomas Danowar Davedeslave DavidMS diaMondsocks djphoenixuk dle1877 Donnay EarlNuce Enyoueffsee falcoholism fazza85 fb:1176892627 fb:503529640 fb:514363210 fb:514392835 fb:596956252 fb:731621150 fb:734120453 Finn42 FlutterGrrrl freshknee Gez71 Gghghghfh gizmodo glawster2002 GProctor1991 Grittster hayleychatters Hazel imisthebest iRobz Iron_Man jacklawrence106 jamasheo jamesMbrooks JesterJezza Jg2046 JohnH91 karenr6 knuckles432 kringer kyle_hedgley Kylie84 Lanham ld04 Leejeffmosh liamlive liquid_st8 londonriot951 martinhay masterofreality metalherbert Metalibaz metalmaniaman metalPMB MichaelTownsend MikeShep MileyStevens Mileystevey mldemon MojoRisinLondon mrgarrison16 mufczach MutinyInHeaven NeilH NevNewton norrinradd nuclear Olivander OsloWhite Owlyross pacethestairs Pagey-1991 paulisgod pballatti phoenixdarkness plob Powerslave Reaper_FBB RecklessAbandon red_death99 redfl83 riyun0 RobZombie Rockfan88 RockSolidRoss rodvanlove rovert_99 RustyShanks91 RWaddon192 Saitenhexerin sam219 scardwel scarter2000 Scorpia11 somethingpretty SophieLouise92x StephenVonWinn Stevelotm stikut SWITCH-119 tanvoori thebassexists thedamogaur TheEpithite TheToad thundercat88 tk1970 tombojombo Tonito topol_sheap turbogeek421 varyatanil Vidbacca vinda013 WarriorXena Xrislord Zorf

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