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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Sonisphere UK 2011 setlists

138 people were there

I was there too

5tef Aaron1930 abcd-goldfish Abradomy adam_baconmusic Agerian Alexfromreno AndersHernes andrestromqvist Andy_Field AndySkeltz beearmy Beliasilkornuto BFMVgrainger Biggenz BlackestEyes bobsvoices BumbleBee captainricebox ChewyAC cobhc83 Credolph croogmcfoog danjcoleman darthpeanuts Davedeslave davemusson daz_doc Deadend_Friend Deus1664Ex Deviless319 dle1877 drew1992 drummmking ducksopinion ebmusicman16 enicomb ErnieHill eugeneee EvileMessiah falcoholism fazza85 fb:1024801033 fb:1081962861 fb:503529640 fb:578945648 FearOfTheDuck fletchzer FlutterGrrrl folo08 FredTrubridge Fuct Fuman73 Fustymccrank Gghghghfh glenmarshall1 GProctor1991 GroceryEscPlan hauntson HaydenCornmell IWYPorcelina jadams1987 jedibenji JesterJezza JonMorter jonnyisdead14 JSD139 justashadow karenr6 KevlaUK KidaTominey kyle_hedgley Kylie84 Leejeffmosh leem912 lexxyhill lintonfindlay Lobster1 londonriot951 LysergicEye MentalJargon Metallic-El metalPMB metaltobi89 MichaelDFC michaelgreen MichaelTownsend Mikee140 MileyStevens Mileystevey Moffatt123 Moonlayy Mooseifer morpheusdreams mrgarrison16 MutinyInHeaven muzz33r naia nikswede Nogli nuclear nwhitmore PartySmasher78 pballatti PeterW-B PoisonMeteor rahmich Recharged red_death99 redfl83 rekabluap RichParkes riyun0 RobZombie Rupert SamCro Sarge sb12 Scorpia11 Stubbsy67 stxrmchasers taffy666 TerryBright Tether18 thebassexists theblackening thedamogaur TightropeHigh tk1970 Toastledrums tomd1982 Tonito topol_sheap Tubes vinda013 vrennie wildwolf001 Wrathy

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