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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Reading Festival 2008 setlists

144 people were there

I was there too

_slimbobbilly AARDVAR_KEV abraxian Acole9 ajclee alex_simpson13 Anders182 ant7x Asstone azzamc B0BATR0N beddell BenHBB Betz bigdave2510 blackadderv blackcatowner Blue- bmbusk brian4000 budgie Cannonlab captainricebox Cheungministro Craigthemole cwaymouth98 cyberdrummer damienp1 danielrkemp DaveofLogic Daymo80 Deadend_Friend DeadstarScarred djphoenixuk Dr_Marvel dsscolumbia EdwinMutant Ernie78 Eternal-Kingdom EthanO123 EvadBlack FatSteve fb:596956252 fb:694720148 fb:735119568 fb:829345321 FlurryPrincess FlutterGrrrl Fred178 garokev georgeaitch GeorgeMillo Gghghghfh GProctor1991 grimsbyfan hansyhobs harry66 Hatchet_Benny Hazel holywoodj hpipe IainMullan IC_FW jacklawrence106 JackParkes jamasheo jasonakagary jmarron91 JoeRamboUK Jrda0406 Kavis krazyrocko kyle_hedgley Kyliobro LauraLaura237 Lawman_05 Le_Ginge lefgirl Less_Than_Rhys LysergicEye Mark8340 mat0075 matt90 mattj77 metal01 michaelfrost MichaelTownsend MikeyTRRP mldemon mrgarrison16 mrmegagenesis MutinyInHeaven naia NEG87 neils niamh nickbagley Nogli Olivavu oliviajaremi OptimusPhilbo paps Pearce1991 Phaedrus PsychoMartin QuokkaMan RawBeard RecklessAbandon red_death99 Reedyberg rh1190 rhrh robfarrington RobJ Rodpad Roei1991 rosswlg rovers95 samking1987 sarahdraper123 shakswak Simoncarter Sjeffrey69 smobbs Snakepit4 sonyagiles stalks89 StayBeautiful summo110 supershez takerdemon teagueyfiend tensionhead them79 Thewashies thundercat88 tomd1982 vinda013 Vnex wallaceemma Weta williamgfrench williamsjk Wilmie02

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