1. Song played from tape
    Dance of the Knights
    (entrance music)
    Play Video
  2. ("Close Encounters" riff intro)
    Play Video
  3. Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. (no riff outro due to guitar malfunction)
    Play Video
  6. (instrumental)
    Play Video
  7. Play Video
  8. Play Video
  9. Play Video
  10. Play Video
  11. Play Video
  12. (piano interlude)
    Play Video
  13. Play Video
  14. Play Video
  15. (Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" + Jimmy Jam intro)
    Play Video
  16. (Rage Against the Machine's "Microphone Fiend" + "Ashamed" outro)
    Play Video
  17. Encore:
  18. (acoustic)
    Play Video
  19. (acoustic; "Études Simples № 6" intro)
    Play Video
  20. (accompanied by heliospheres)
    Play Video
  21. (extended; with balloons)
    Play Video
  22. Encore 2:
  23. Play Video
  24. (Rage Against the Machine's "Township Rebellion" + "Psycho" + Nirvana's "Endless Nameless" outro)
    Play Video
  25. Play Video

Note: Filmed for Muse's "H.A.A.R.P" DVD.

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