1. (Grand Omega Bosses outro; 3rd place with 437 votes)
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  2. (5th place with 413 votes)
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  3. (2nd place with 629 votes )
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  4. (Live debut; 7th place with 391 votes)
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  5. (Extended intro; First time since 2005; 9th place with 357 votes)
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  6. (Glastonbury 2004 intro; 10th place with 356 votes)
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  7. (6th place with 400 votes)
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  8. (Fast ending)
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  9. ('Ashamed' riff outro; First time since 2006; 1st place with 683 votes)
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  10. (4th place with 433 votes)
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  11. Play Video
  12. (AC/DC's 'Back in Black' riff outro)
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  13. ('Micro Cuts' + 'Agitated' riffs outro)
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  14. (Shortened version; 'Reapers' + Rage Against the Machine's 'Freedom' outro; First time since 2014)
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  15. Encore:
  16. (First time since 2007; 8th place with 373 votes)
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  17. (Extended outro w/ Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine' riff)
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  18. Encore 2:
  19. (Primus' 'Too Many Puppies' riff intro)
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  20. (Ennio Morricone's 'Man With a Harmonica' intro)
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Note: The show was a 'By Request' so ticket holders had the chance to choose their top 10 songs to enter the setlist. Soundcheck: Easily; Glorious; Assassin and New Born.

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O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England

146 people were there

I was there too

2DFan abstrac AlexDalton123 alexking66 Alliana0x AndyAtGigs AndyWard apwhu BartuKaleagasi batkat bouboule Brattli cathmarl Catriona Cedric1069 chanelle chappers2306 Charlenem28 citizenerased17 daneofdoone dee3dee deetledum Defanka DiamondxBullet Dmuse DNS_42 DomChrisBellamy domsmith1993 EmmaBlyth EmzSwiggle Epiclastsong erialcgrove evilduck fb:1176892627 fb:1243029572 fb:527133439 fb:695753637 fb:774362523 Fishygill Fripouille31 frutiger75 Fullmooner fuuuturism geomcmanus GH96 gloriarosetto goldandglitz GT005 hataixa heedass herchenm Hostinfury hyena hyper_chondriac individual6827 IsaacMuser jachannaford jacjens jaz-design Jhannan31 jhobbs JordanMiller93 JoseOtavio jxmielannister kapteinfredag kateemilyrose katsalou1603 kazzie Kn1ghtOfCydonia Koldmuse20 laemybrie Laura_c0608 Liam135db lintonfindlay Lita LynneR MajorMolesto marianapessoa Martin_Rich_91 marwin836 mat0075 metallimuse metalmaggie Missdoubledom Mistilena MkUltra62 Mrbenn1985 mrdomready muppetmark musclexmuseum muse-rock Nath-Alie nige11 nissaberry NoOneWillRecall paradoxonearth PaulGRyan paulisgod pete pezzer_11 Phantom_Lord pirrakas poc161091 punkjuli Quiksylver r2ro raindancemaggie ReArM rebe21 RobindR rocker roneysco rooski_doo SadSadLarry ScarlettRN Schlentz screenager07 Seirius Showbizuma SilverManson slipknat13 SnkRay StarlightPixie Supermassive_xx superunknown surferliv tbbm69 Technica8 tervonen TiJack Tom_JB87 tom-mellor tristancooper17 tritri tsb8 tucknorris85 Turnitdown vanrok Viks355 weezul Willhellmine Wrathy wrigle0 Xaverri YouWontKnow Zephy

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Jack White – “Corporation” (Live at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY)