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Note: After Gave Up was played a stage rig came down that covered the band and acted as a visual display for the songs from The Warning to The Greater Good. The rig lifted then came down again for The Big Come Down and Only, both accompanied with visual effects. Parts of Echoplex were played by Trent on this interactive rig. Videos of performances from this tour can easily be found online.

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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Lollapalooza 2008 setlists

210 people were there

I was there too

_graeme_ _jcz 60InchTool ajwittenburg aleah alemar andjjru Andrej AndySlash Answer_42 anthelonious anthonylutz Antsman41 Audiobully audreysavage axiom712 badfish989 batchking batterfly75 Bberliner bhuttner83 BK_Showz blame-monster blango88 bomatick BossJonze Brad-Lanphere bslc ceepugh Chadams cherrimoya cheshirecat9 chicagojo0 chrisdslap ChrisMcCluskey Chrisothoulos clapins121 ClarkBenson1 clpdot133 cluefone daiquirigabe danems64 darylspong DC_Mills deepugh dettigers4 Drexial DrGerg DrunkenSuperman DTrickta dvett edyanosik ekrekel embracekos enorman83 eustacchio fb:1171638224 fb:1639632089 fb:18201696 fiveiron83321 fragile_right frutiger75 Gamma_Ray genericcheese gothkitty333 gpersha Guseldorph gwoman1130 Halo5boy henrydcase heyozzie HorrorShow Huntopolis hypractivbliss iammiker ibrenden icebox121 indieemopunk jadkins1019 jak_straw jargen0 jasonloc jaygarcia21x jayspanbauer jeremycresswell johnbenson johnnyprester jomitucker jpd026 jsleman JTMars jushooks Katzepatra keefner78 kgilles killerDJMW KMPPTNIN krunchy lamborgandhi lnna89 Logan1283 loobis lukin33 LunchboxDDS machinababy Marina13 Marley2461 mashimoni551 Matlockbruce27 MatthewJMcMahon maximus_ Mforte Mike_August mikemccarron mikep284 mikeynopants MikeyPMac66 Mikezero76 miyan9 mkdevo modulated MothMonsterMan Mrdantheo mrjiggyfly823 mynahthreatt nalafej NationalPhenom noahlove NostraThomas420 nosurprises obscurafix offbeatblink opus61872 Orbaddict p4r4b0l4 parkman47 peshmoba Phxstaticsteve pigeonhed13 pistol2284 powermad47 punkrockaveman radiokid311 ralphwiggum rchrdndrw realjonsteele rickker RJGaible Roberson RodneyFernandes Rosalita57 rpsabetto Ryanaylward ryanlammi salty8 setalpgninnps shandelle Shanman she_shines92 Shenny shoegazer Sideshow82 sketch SnakeTaco solace SoManyShows Soundsystim01 Spiritmetaphor sralala StarORock Steggs926 stevef stevexslayer stevvve Stonedizzy stonemill successfulbagel Superaims Supernaut6011 sweetpatches tdhymel tedgoas telenetworxx tfox37 thebeginning01 thedspiral TheDude30 therealist tibor7000 tinnitus tonysakich Tortoise0042 tsloan TSpell typeoserv ubermrc UkulelePunk VileOne waldbillig Wbrikhouse wighty willers williamtorres woohokie wtucker24 zepcowboy Zimb0 Zoopanic zoukeeper zspang

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