1. (Sinéad O’Connor cover) (First time since 2009, Fiona played whirly tube)
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  2. (Bill played accordina)
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  3. (First time since 2006)
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  4. (First time since 2009, Fiona played glockenspiel)
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  5. (with Broken Twin)
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  8. (with Joan as Police Woman) (First time since 2006, Brian played his little harmonica)
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  10. (Brian played his 1956's guitar)
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  11. (Stefan played qanun)
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  12. (First time since 2013, Stefan played shruti drone box)
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  13. (First time since 2012)
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  14. (Live premiere)
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  15. (Live premiere)
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  16. (Pixies cover) (First time since 2006)
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Note: Unplugged performance, filmed and recorded for DVD

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