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Note: Setlist incomplete and not in the correct order. Venue originally listed just as 'Numbers', but the original had closed down and 'Numbers 2' opened in its place. Michael Stipe was wearing a sport coat over and a colored T-shirt. Mike Mills mentioned at some point that when they came to play Houston in support of Murmur the previous year, they arrived in Houston to find the club they were scheduled to play that night closed and was out of business. Before Pretty Persuasion, Stipe mentioned how drunk he was after they finished this song. During the song he had some kind of sticker or badge of some sort - and he tried to stick it on his sleeve while he was singing "put that on your sleeve" (he was unsuccessful because the sticker had lost its stick - not because he was too drunk). The second encore was with the guitarist of the dB's (the more famous guitarist who sang with the dB's). They played a couple songs, ending with Boxcars. There was someone in the back of the room who kept yelling "Boxcars" every once in a while throughout the entire show, but he was the only person who yelled out a request at all. It seemed that Mike Mills talked the rest of the band into playing Boxcars for the last song (obviously in deference to the guy in the back of the crowd), and it was obvious that the dB's guy was watching Peter Buck to see the chords played.

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