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  19. Encore:
  20. (Aerosmith cover)
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  21. (featured Jason from Jason and The Scorchers)
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  23. (Jason & The Scorchers cover) (featured Jason from Jason and The Scorchers)
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  24. Encore 2:
  25. (Sonny West cover)
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  28. (Television cover)
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Note: 'During the encore, when Jason from Jason and the Scorchers was on stage, Michael Stipe went back to Bill Berry's drum set, picked up a beer bottle (looked like a Michelob) and poured the contents on Berry's head. Berry stood up, reached over the drum kit and grabbed Stipe by the collar or throat while Stipe grabbed Berry. Jason had to pull them apart. I remember he said in his twangy accent, "Come on boys! Settle down now." Then after the concert, when most of the crowd had left, Berry ran back out on stage, grabbed a microphone and yelled "Fuck Michael!". Stipe came running out of the wings and tackled Berry and they rolled around on the floor of the stage for a minute while a couple of roadies tried to pull them apart. Order was soon restored. It was very surreal to say the least.' - Scott Martin

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Memorial Gymnasium, Nashville, TN, United States

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