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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Bonnaroo 2007 setlists

150 people were there

I was there too

aabowman adrock9653 aidan79 akersdn924 andrewbsteele andypropeller AndySlash armmar BabaOJay Badphish419 Batch76 bcm1483 benefitofmrkite bertmims bicycleshed bigmikewv Binxington bjraley bkebler BradTaylor88 brianmansfield Burningelectron cavemanmusic cbest Chanmander chiligreendog chonboat Cire1986 clapins121 coloradotheman colwespitt cpaetznick cpardua71 CravinforClavin csbriggs CTanner1984 daveo1121 Dee_Vel Deej32 delvec28 Disarm0079 dmayr DoktorHollywood DooleyDaniel drewames drock drstatler dstee009 eachnotesecure Elmonduff enorman83 esgiii ExecutiveChimp fb:1450173447 FestBrat focflscott gavenkh gemgemloulou Goldengoddess69 GoldenLegFung hansontipton Hartzog340 hecatedracul homis Hrardon50 HuskerDonut Iggins interludejones j00stans janebriefcase jasbort Jeredh Jerseydvd jhaag75 JJ6Strings Junction JungleJim Juzbeee Kadbones knightowl Kochrobaseball ldfu LichKing localinsomniac magicoyote MatthewJMcMahon MaudeLebowski Maybelly McLili MeanMrMonkey Memphish84 mister_floyd mister_skinny MLC5015 mordecai Motycka MTLjuice musicfreak29 nantucketsays nathanchase Nicholaus NotAbbott ns_1980 obladerek oshoney parrotisla phapharra philipjones planbee poindxtr poops psychicofficer QWE2323 r3dband radiokid311 ratskrad rbryangreen richdenmark rideincircles robcomplex Roberson ronntabb1 Rosalita57 rtracey88 ryno420 sangreal schwarsm SnakeTaco sonicj2133 stevendk88 Supernaut6011 Swim2TheMoon Syd_Bareass Taylorparenti Thatguy42078 ThePaulJames TimmyB TLPAYNE45 toastercult tonycolantino typeoserv ulfan32 universeofpool WarBaby whitefrenchman wpeofiwufspdoi Yabigtime Yello10 yem44 zlim46

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