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Festival Time!

Hey, this setlist was played at a festival:

Toronto Rocks setlists

146 people were there

I was there too

-JCDC- 2Tone Ahenderso alanmadlane analogwalrus Andrew_Burrowes Anesthetize annieh Atlanticcanuck bag4112 bcmoney Bigtobeh bj2112 blee3x Boombatty BronxBombr2 cbaynton088 childofthemoon clarkondrums Clincher19 cocoonninigger comebackshane dambanker danny33c danpoulsen davemccl DebbieTiger Dee_Vel Dellecese dick_ls DieselOctane666 dmr2730 dnelse51 DrNBC dtsens dyanko E-Barry-Wall epaqman fb:521730502 fb:81014688 forzaferrari geoffnash Gimpster Gingerredman gongshowhky11 Greenfella Greenfelt Herostrophy hinsey21 HT06 iamkenblack icahayes imahoney Ironmonger JasonBurnett Jean-luc JenniferNL jmahanes joelman70 kgarr Kip1 kronic_100 ktpupp Lambchops lannoc lannoc24 Leforge78 Liks_kyle Logan1283 LSzewciw mahoooch markmcgauley matineeca mattyboy52 mccoolz mhull36 MidnightRadio Miller1254 mistercannon mstichling nippleholic NoelCLStafford NoSoLaR ox01a4 Packet Papatangoromeo paulhenman Pyrate Rapunzel21 rob8greenwood Robbo84 Rock_dawg RockandRollJoel rockerpaul RunawayJim77 RustyRamone RyanD ryno420 Sabres79 sallywolf selbeep SeRo sgtpepper3780 Shawked Shorty shoval shyte97 sleeman24 Snelgroove sonic_volcano sparkywright Speller007 StackShotJilly starfy stephenjorr stevekoroll StLStooge sTRO successfulbagel SuperCooper sweetyreety T_E_B tapehead tboomer tcbeeson Thrasha666 Timmah_Pi TimmyB tledrew Tomacco Torc Torontoxer touplaw TreemanBirch TubularBelle tumblingdice54 unclesars uninnocent waffle22 walkersmoon Washer71 wastedsundays Wild_Turkey wsmyers Zonkey ZZTopFrontRow

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