1. Song played from tape
    Pyres of Varanasi
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  2. Play Video
  3. (Ext. Studio Intro; Ext. Bridge; No Last Chorus; Ext. Outro)
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  4. Play Video
  5. (Ext. Intro; Fans onstage)
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  6. Play Video
  7. Play Video
  8. Song played from tape
    Instrumental Interlude
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  9. (Lady Gaga cover) (Ext. Drum Intro; Jared messed up lyrics during second verse)
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  10. Acoustic
  11. (Until 2nd Chorus; First time since May 8, 2015)
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  12. (Until 2nd Chorus)
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  13. (Short Ending)
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  14. (No 2nd Chorus or Bridge; Last Chorus started Acapella; Shortened Outro w/ Acapella Ending)
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  15. (Sing-along Intro)
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  16. (Acapella Outro by the crowd)
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  17. Play Video
  18. Play Video
  19. (Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro; Fans onstage)
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Note: Day 2. 'Remedy', 'A Modern Myth' and 'Conquistador' were planned on the setlist, respectively after 'End of all Days', 'Echelon' and 'Great Wide Open', but they weren't played.

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