1. (Led Zeppelin cover) (First live performance since 1998)
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  2. (First live performance with Maynard since 2002)
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  3. (First live performance with Maynard since 2012)
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  4. (First live performance with Maynard since 2012)
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  5. (Extended)
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  6. (Extended)
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  8. (Instrumental Jam)
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  11. (with synth)
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  13. Song played from tape
    (-) Ions
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  14. (Extended)
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Note: Band dressed up as Led Zeppelin for the first song. Danny stayed as character until he did the solo. Maynard stayed as Robert Plant the entire time. Adam also used a Double-neck Gibson guitar while in costume for No Quarter; Stinkfist played at soundcheck.

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