Animal Liberation Orchestra Setlists

Aug 19 2016

Animal Liberation Orchestra at The Hamilton Live, Washington, DC, USA

  1. Speed of Dreams
  2. Lady Loop
  3. Undertow
  4. Falling Dominoes
  5. Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down
  6. The Ticket
  7. The Country Electro
  8. IV Part 1 (Wasting Time)
  9. Dead Still Dance
  10. Try
  11. I Love Music
  12. BBQ
  13. ...
Aug 18 2016

Animal Liberation Orchestra at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY, USA

  1. Walls of Jericho
  2. Blew Out the Walls
  3. The Gardener
  4. Bizarre Love Triangle
  5. Try
  6. Summer Dream
  7. Maria
  8. The Ticket
  9. Room for Bloomin'
  10. Cowboys and Chorus Girls
  11. Shakedown Street (with Jackie Greene)
  12. BBQ

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Animal Liberation Orchestra setlists

Animal Liberation Orchestra

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