Animal Liberation Orchestra Setlists

May 28 2018

Animal Liberation Orchestra at Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA, USA

  1. Barbeque
  2. Sugar On Your Tongue
  3. Waiting for Jaden
  4. Lovely Day
  5. Try
  6. I Second That Emotion
  7. Cowboys and Chorus Girls
  8. Rapture
  9. Plastic Bubble
  10. Wasting Time (Isla Vista Song)
  11. Maria
  12. Shakedown Street
  13. ...
Feb 16 2018

Animal Liberation Orchestra at The Center for the Arts, Grass Valley, CA, USA

  1. Pobrecito
  2. Barbeque
  3. I Wanna Feel It
  4. The Gardener
  5. Cowboys and Chorus Girls
  6. Sugar On Your Tongue
  7. The Boy in the Bubble
  8. Room for Bloomin'
  9. Water Song
  10. The Shape I'm In
  11. Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down
  12. Maria
  13. ...

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Animal Liberation Orchestra setlists

Animal Liberation Orchestra

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