Army of Lovers Setlists

Aug 13 2017
Aug 27 2016

Army of Lovers at We Love the 90's Festival 2016

  1. Let The Sunshine In
  2. Obsession
  3. Give My Life
  4. Tragedy
  5. Lit De Parade
  6. Israelism
  7. Venus & Mars
  8. King Midas
  9. Sexual Revolution
  10. Crucified 2013
Aug 26 2016
Dec 17 1993

Army of Lovers at SKK Arena, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

  1. I Am
  2. Heterosexuality
  3. My Army of Lovers
  4. La Plage De Saint Tropez
  5. Blood In The Chapel
  6. Israelism
  7. Carry My Urn to Ukraine
  8. Ride the Bullet
  9. Judgement Day
  10. Obsession
  11. Crucified
  12. The Day The Gods Help Us All

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Army of Lovers setlists

Army of Lovers

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