Bonnie “Prince” Billy Setlists

Oct 10 2018
Oct 9 2018
Jul 27 2017

Bonnie “Prince” Billy at Union Chapel, London, England

  1. A Minor Place
  2. Strange Affair
  3. Willow Trees Bend
  4. Night Comes On
  5. I Heard of a Source
  6. No Time to Cry
  7. Roses in the Winter
  8. I Called You Back
  9. Bad Actor
  10. Horses
  11. For the Mekons, et al
  12. I See a Darkness
  13. ...
Oct 29 2016

Bonnie “Prince” Billy at TSUTAYA O-Nest, Tokyo, Japan

  1. The Brute Choir
  2. I Heard of a Source
  3. Because of Your Eyes
  4. I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me
  5. I Am a Cinematographer
  6. Death to Everyone
  7. The Way
  8. I Called You Back
  9. Quail and Dumplings

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Bonnie “Prince” Billy setlists

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

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