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Jul 21 2012

Claire Anne Carr at Salón Minuet, Mexico City, Mexico

  1. Art of the Dress Rock!
  2. Evil Enchantress Rock?
  3. Go Crusading Rock!
  4. Winter Wrap Up
  5. Cupcakes Rock!
  6. I wasn't prepared for this Rock!
  7. This Day Aria Rock!
  8. Smile Rock!
  9. At the Gala Rock!
  10. Celestia saves the Rock'n Roll (The Heart Carol Rock!)
Apr 29 2012

Claire Anne Carr at Calle 2, Zapopan, Mexico

  1. Mare
  2. Giggle at the Ghostly Rock!
  3. Art of the Dress Rock!
  4. Stay out of my Shed Rock!
  5. Becoming Popular Rock!
  6. Flutterwonder Rock!
  7. Evil Enchantress Rock?
  8. Cupcakes Rock!
Mar 20 2010

Claire Anne Carr at Las Brisas, Tepic, Mexico

  1. Jacob Christ
  2. Paranoid
  3. Bloody Dancer
  4. La Emperatriz Oscura
  5. Batalla en la Pesadilla
  7. Immigrant Song
  8. Tema de Karen
  9. Guerra de Sillas Mutantes
  10. Back in Black / Walk this Way / Ai no UTA / The Great Gig in the Sky / Angel of Death
  11. She's a Girl from Mars
  12. Defender el Universo
  13. ...
Claire Anne Carr setlists

Claire Anne Carr

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